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Fertility Drugs

No description

Samantha Wesolowski

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Fertility Drugs

Fertility Drugs

Samantha Wesolowski
Raymond Bush Fertility drugs are hormones that stimulate the development and release of eggs from the ovaries or in some way support ovulation and early pregnancy development. Fertility drugs increase the possibility of pregnancy. Different methods and types of Fertility drugs are used for both males and females. Fertility drug refers to drugs that mimic or stimulate production of a hormone necessary for conception, but it may also be used to refer to the hormones themselves, when they are administered as part of a program of infertility treatment. Fertility Drugs can be pills or where they inseminate a woman's egg with sperm to produce the child. Fertility Drugs are where you take drugs to be able to produce children. This drug makes women have the ability to have children. Infertile women who want children. Couples who try to have children naturally but can not. PROS
helps people who normally could not conceive a child naturally.
They do not have to go through the long process of adoption.
Can store sperm and be used for the future if you decided you wanted children later CONS
10 to 40 percent chance of multiple births
Higher chance of misscarriage
Having multiple births increase the risk of premature birth e.As a group, decide if your scientist/scientists in general went too far in his/their establishment of the scientific discovery. GOOD OR BAD FOR MAN KIND
Good for the woman who want kids but can not have them so fertility drugs help the women in need.
Bad for the women like octomom who keep having kids and having the government pay for her kids. FINAL DECISION
financial status
emotional stable
healthy enough to care for childern

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Thank you :) <3
90 percent of couples that have tried fertility drugs have been successful
the process is quick only takes 2 hours and a simple blood test can be used to find out if the woman is pregnant

If there is problems due to the fertility drugs then the woman may need surgery
High risk of birth defects

No the scientist who invented this did not go too far if a woman can not get pregnant then she should have the ability to go to the doctors and get this done so she can have children.
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