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Gerald croft

No description

shine god

on 2 February 2016

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Transcript of Gerald croft

Ymir(10-1) and Kim(10-2)
Gerald croft
• He is self-assured, mature and worldly wise.
• He doesn’t want to admit his part in the girl's death to the Inspector and pretends that he never knew her at initial. He wants to protect his ownership like Mr Birling.
• He felt some sorry for Daisy Renton, however: he is very moved when he hears of her death. He tells Inspector Goole that he arranged for her to live in his friend's flat "because I was sorry for her;" she became his mistress because "She was young and pretty and warm-hearted - and intensely grateful."
• Despite this, in Act 3 he tries to prove that the Inspector is a fake. Gerald confirms that there is no officer who called Goole in local force, he realised it may not have been the same girl and he found out that there has not been a suicide case in months. He tried to "protecting" himself rather than "changing" himself.
• At the end of the play, he has not changed. He didn’t gain a new sense of social responsibility, which is why Sheila is unsure whether to take back the engagement ring.

Gerald croft
"an attractive chap about thirty, rather too manly to be a dandy but very much the easy well-bred man-about-town."
Chain of events
Eva Smith/Daisy Renton
Gerald Croft met Eva Smith as Daisy Renton, at the Palace Bar, he helped Eva Smith and let her live in the room of his friend that gone off to Canada. Then Gerald fell in love to Eva, and he made her a mistress, after a several weeks, Gerald ended their relationship. After that, Eva went away to be alone, to be quite and to think about what happened between the two of them.
Historical context
Role in the play
1. He gives Sheila the engagement ring during the celebratory dinner.
2. He shows that he approached to business like Mr Birling.
3. He conducts himself politely with Mr Birling.
4. He tells that how he helped her from the drunken Alderman Meggarty.
5. He admits that he kept the girl for six months, then broke off their relationship.
6. He discovers that a police sergeant which called Inspector Goole.
7. He realise no girl died that day.
1. Gerald Croft represents the aristocracy - the highest class of society, comprised of rich land owners and people who inherit their wealth from their parents. His father, Sir George Croft, owns Crofts Limited, and his mother is called Lady Croft, which indicates that she holds a peerage.
2. When he learns of Eva Smith's sacking from Mr Birling's factory, Gerald sides with Mr Birling. Unlike Mr Birling, though, Gerald does show some regret for his actions. The Inspector, during his closing speech, points out that Gerald displayed at least some affection towards Eva (in contrast to Eric, who used her "like an animal").Ultimately, though, when Eva's death turns out to be a hoax, Gerald is more relieved than repentant.
3. Gerald Croft — Gerald is engaged to Sheila. During the inspection, Gerald admits to having had an affair with the girl in question—at the time, Daisy Renton—which prompts Sheila to return his engagement ring. Gerald comes out seeming the least guilty of all for the girl’s suicide. In the end, it is he who realizes that the whole inspection, and all of its premises, was a hoax. Nonetheless, he also seems less affected by the Inspector's casting of blame than Sheila and Eric, and Sheila denies his offer to renew their engagement.
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