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Family Constellation Assignment

No description

Kendra Boucher

on 28 September 2015

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Transcript of Family Constellation Assignment

Linda Drapeau
Dad :
Larry Boucher
Mom :
Beverley Boucher
Older Cousin : Amy Drapeau
Amy has been around me since I was a baby, and since I have no siblings, she's a older sister figure to me. When I was younger I had always looked up to her, and while now I don't as much, I still love her a lot. Her symbol is a chocolate cake because of her talent and love of baking (and cooking).
Kendra Boucher
Since I'm an only child, Brian is like the big brother I never had. He likes teasing me, and I'm known as his little 'Tweety' (because he bought me a Tweety t-shirt
one time
when I was younger). His symbol is a bunch of tools, because he's a very handy guy. He had fixed up the first house he owned, he built his own garage, he owns Seamless Eavestroughs (he installs eavestroughs; he's a good worker!), and he is currently fixing up his new house.
Family Constellation Assignment
Albert Drapeau
Older Cousin:
Brian Drapeau
:Very Close


:Somewhat Close




We have a close Father-Daughter relationship that consists of us mainly making jokes, teasing each other, and looking after one another. He is my closest parent because of how he doesn't prod and prod when he wants to know something, and because he seems to almost always joke with me to cheer me up (even when I look like I want to kill someone, just a metaphor). His symbol is a security system because of how safe I feel around him, and how he's our family protector.
I can always go to my Mom for advice on things that I wouldn't dare go to my Dad for, she helps me understand things that are happening in my life I that don't understand, etc. She is my second closest parent because of her need to nag me even if something doesn't involve her (like telling me to get ready to go back to school when my Dad is driving me) and because of our little squabbles. Despite this, I do have a soft spot for her, because she
my Mom. Her symbol is a four-leaf clover because of her being born on St. Patrick's Day, and her luck in surviving a lethal encounter with flesh-eating disease.

In my Analysis of my assignment, I'll only write about my parents' relationships with themselves and the others because I have more of a sense of how they feel vs. how my other family members feel, and I'd basically be saying the same thing in each section. I've also made coloured lines between each bubble, so using my legend, you can check out what type of relationships my family members have! (if you want)
By Kendra Boucher
Monday, September 28th, 2015
She is the Aunt that I am closest with and is one that I get along with particularly well. By her being my god-mother she has been around me for a lot of birthdays and celebrations (including my Gr.8 grad). Her symbol is a school bus because she is a bus driver, and that is what I associate her with (somehow).
My Mononcle is an easygoing guy, and I have no problems getting along with him (once again; my closest Uncle). Except for that one time at our fishing camp when he snored all night leaving me sleepless and then proceeded to ask me with his french accent the next morning, "Kendra, how'd you sleep?". Yeah, okay, that was one time, but we get along relatively well. His symbol is Elvis because he loves Elvis (like, his music), and that's all I could think of when I thought of something that stood out.
My symbol; because I love music.
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