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3.01 Michael Kors (American Entrepreneurship Research)

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Sasha Fernandez-Mesagno

on 27 July 2013

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Transcript of 3.01 Michael Kors (American Entrepreneurship Research)

Background photo by t.shigesa
Michael Kors
*Born on August 9, 1959, American
*Long Island, New York
*As a child Michael Kors was a model working national campaigns appearing on products such as toilet paper and Lucky Charms
*His biological parents split and was brought into a new family home, the "new" mother let him design the wedding dress, at this time he was already a fashion addict.
*Michael Kors later on in the years then went to the Fashion Institute of technology, but dropped out after 2 semesters
*He then went to the French boutique Lothar's

Contributions and what he did:
Michael Kors has made many contributions to the United States. He has his on fashion line which is very global. His fashion line is very much on the luxury side of brands. His vision has taken our Companies from its beginnings as an American luxury sportswear house to a global accessories, footwear and apparel company with a presence in 74 countries. Michael Kors not only contributed to the United States and to other countries in making their companies bigger, he has also teamed up with Halle Berry in efforts to contribute to the United Nations World Food Programme. They were interested on providing them food by making money on a watch. Once they have made money on this watch they contibuted to United Nations World Food Programme.

Michael Kors has done plenty of things that were very memorable like, give money to the needy and even expand companies with his latest fashion line. He has helped shaped American Society by coming up with his fashion line and presenting it in malls or even department stores. I have learned a lot about this person, such as how much his clothing line is, how much effort he puts in his work, and his biography. What inspires me the most about him is that he took great hard work to get where he is and that he doesn't just uses all his money for himself, he uses his money also for the needy and children starving.
Last but not least
Michael Kors used the strategy H.U.N.T

*H (harness your vision) : As a child Michael Kors was always designing and dreaming of fashion

*U (underestimate the roadblocks) : Even though Michael Kors was separated from his biological parents and put into a new home he never let that stop him from wanting to design fashion

*N (network): He never really had peers he could go to but, when Michael was put in a new home the parent, he called mom, knew how much he love to design fashion so she let him design the wedding dress for her

*T (take the 1st step) : Michael Kors went to a fashion designing institute then went to a boutique to design his fashion line then later on became successful in his own business name
* www.google.com
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