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Creative Vibes Cartel Chewing Gum 2

Complete Prezi by Prezzip

Mariano Prado

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Creative Vibes Cartel Chewing Gum 2

A GLOBAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN FOR CHILDREN... There are approximately 2 BILLION children in this crazy and beautiful world of ours That’s a lot of children, a lot of chewing gum and a LOT of MONEY Thank you for watching! Idea! and they all love chewing gum! So we went to
our laboratory and made a funky super size chewing gum that children could not resist AND sent our CVC team out All over the world And asked children if they would buy our new CVC (Creative Vibes Cartel) Chewing Gum They all said …. YES!!! “Give Me a PEACE of Gum” That was ALL that they wanted to have…. PEACE We think that peace is pretty invaluable! Music by: Aviral
Directed by: Maria
Script by: Sue and Esther
Produced by Mariano and Bal
Photographic production: Andre
Photography by: Juliane, Maria, Sharon, Aviral, Sue, Esther
Ideas Lab: Javier, George, Muhammad, Madhav, Rafael, Siva, Jing
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