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Amyl Nitrite

No description

Lucy Robinson

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Amyl Nitrite

Amyl Nitrite Kenda Crow Lucy Robinson Genesis Stallings History Effects Physical "highs" Amyl Nitrite widens the blood vessels, resulting from the relaxation of the muscle cells within the wall from the drug This can result in low blood pressure Physical highs include: Head rush
Warming sensations
Feelings of excitement Another onset that occurs is the relaxation of the involuntary muscles, particularly in the anal and vagina sphincters. In males, an increase in sexual desire occurs and can help strengthen an erection due to the increased blood flow from the dilated blood vessels Orgasms can be both enhanced and prolonged for both sexes, but wears off after 1 - 2 minutes Effects Negative side effects Inhalation of amyl nitrite, like any drug, can cause negative side effects These include both the basic: Headache
Shortness of breath And the not so common: Fainting
Asphyxia or suffocation
Arrhythmia or irregular heart beat
Cardiovascular depression
Hepatorenal toxicity (rapid deterioration of the kidney function)
Methemoglobinemia (abnormally high presence of methemoglobin, a form of oxygen carrying protein) Street Names Poppers Snappers Boppers When opening the bottle, the glass neck was snapped to release the vapors to inhale Pearls Liquid Gold Refers to the colour of the drug inside the bottle RUSH Locker Room Jungle Juice Amyl nitrite has a smell similar to that of dirty socks, hence locker room Pearls refers to the shape of the amyl nitrite in solid form "Rush" refers to the rush of blood from the brain, resulting in intoxication Jungle juice mainly refers to the sexual connections amyl nitrite has, making one act wild Unlike most other substances, amyl nitrite is not an illegal drug. It is often sold & bought online First synthesized by French chemist Antoine Balard 1844 1866* Scottish physician Thomas Brunton uses amyl nitrite to treat angina 1970's Widely used in night clubs & disco's for it's ability to enhance the flashing strobe lights and the beat of the music 1980's Reports from Time & Wall Street Journal found an increase in users of the homosexual nature, especially men, in which amyl nitrite would enhance their love life Again in the 1980's - 1990's, amy's were used as a way to enhance the rave scene, the same as disco's Risks Taking Viagra with amyl nitrite may cause: stroke
death due to a decrease in blood pressure SWALLOWING MAY CAUSE DEATH -May burn if spilt on skin - May cause redness or itching/rashes around the mouth and nose -Increased risk of cancer, tumors, or infection -Depletes cells in immune system -May cause swings and personality changes Images The End
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