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The Art Crate

Creative Art Center

Alison Campbell

on 25 January 2017

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Transcript of The Art Crate

The Art Crate empowers youth in the community by providing opportunities of exploration and artistic freedom through art.

We built a creative space and filled it with tools, techniques, inspiration, re-purposed and natural materials.

We encourage innovation, experimentation, and risk taking where dreamers can create, imagine, explore, and build.

Our belief is that freedom of creative and artistic choice builds creative and confident happy learners as they grow into adulthood, as well as critical thinkers that eventually become global problem-solvers.

The Program Director
As an established Artist, a Directors Permit in Child Development, an Associate and Bachelors Degree in Studio Art, and a Masters Degree in Art Education, Alison has the education, skill, and experience to carry out the vision and mission of The Art Crate. Her philosophy on teaching art is to promote an enriching, enthusiastic, and creative learning experience and environment. The Art Crate provides project-based, hands-on, student directed, engaged curriculum through exploration and artistic freedom because she believes every child should feel empowered by exercising their right to take creative risks, develop an innovative mindset, and freely explore solutions
when by experiencing real world design
challenges that engage
their creativity.

The Team
The Art Crate
The Art Crates goal is to provide hands-on creative opportunities where students learn to be innovators by building 3D structures using re-purposed materials and real world tools that focus on experimentation and expressive freedom.  

Students will be given inquiry based prompts that require them to build with reuse and re-purposed materials.

Students will learn structural building techniques using power, mechanical, and electrical tools that will allow them to develop new ideas for building solutions.
Students will imagine, plan, explore, reflect, and create 3D structures through the integration of STEAM activities.
Sally has been in the field of Education for over a decade. She teaches enrichment for youth ages toddler to school age. She has written a curriculum book that focuses on creative freedom and self-discovery through art.
Betty is our marketing and networking Guru. She teaches workshops for youth and adults. She is a creative genius and a great classroom facilitator.


Rose is our experienced grant writer for our educational programs. She is a retired non-profit youth Program Director. She is a strong supporter of Arts programs and has built a network group of women business owners and is a member of the group Girlfriends Garden, a woman’s business support group.
Fundraising for Materials:
Sources for Volunteer Staff:
MakerED Maker Vista Program
Sources for Mobile Space:
Parks and Rec
Public School Storage Rooms
Campaigns and Donations:
Maker Club and Hold a Tool Drive
While many education programs have attempted to integrate and encourage innovative learning activities into their full curriculum, lack of funding, time, and resources ultimately limit the full potential a quality program can offer.
Community Needs
It is widely accepted that engaging learners through creative learning opportunities that encourage innovative thinking, exploring, and risk taking, are the key to the future, whether it be solving environmental or health challenges, or creating companies that support a strong economy.
Communities need to create and support solutions that provide spaces for creative learning outside of the rigid testing and rote learning that happens inside most classrooms so that students can become our next generation innovators.
The Art Crate offers a quality program outside of the traditional school setting and provides a creative space to all youth where opportunities to innovate, explore, and problem solve are encouraged.
Auburn, CA 95603
The Art Crate will benefit the community by providing a creative and safe outlet for its youth where solving design challenges through problem solving are explored by using real world materials and tools.

We believe in giving access to artistic freedom for every child with a focus on under- served individuals and communities.

We believe every child should be equally valued and we encourage an environment where everyone succeeds. We are aware that every child learns differently and retains information through different learning styles and

We believe that applied knowledge leads to deeper learning. We support experiences that encourage discovery and engages a love for exploring and

Access for All
Inclusive Learning
the Art Crate
engages learners through creative exploration
Works by
ALison Campbell
Example Lesson Plan
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