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How the Silk Road can

No description

Zach Tyler

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of How the Silk Road can

The Silk Road
Was a main trade route that spread new ideas across Europe to Asia.
Energy Problem
The world relies on fossil fuels however they are running out so we are tying to find ways to find clean and efficient energy.
The idea of the silk road could help fix the energy crisis by helping spread new, and longer lasting energy sources throughout the world.

Overall, this problem can be solved when every country works together to create a multitude of solutions.
One Solution is to replace fossil
fuel and non renewable energy
power plants with renewable energy sources like nuclear power and solar energy.
How the Silk Road can
Affect the Energy Crisis of Today

By Ben Reck
and Zach Tyler
The energy crisis of using too many fossil fuels can be solved through the idea of the silk road.

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