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Review Game!

No description

Jena Graham

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Review Game!

Review Game!
Elements of Fiction Assessment Review Game!
Part 2
20 points
30 points
40 points
50 points
Final Jeopardy
On a piece of paper, write down how many points you would like to bet. You cannot bet points you do not have!
Part One
10 points each
What makes a character ROUND?
The reader knows all of their personality traits.
What makes a character
The character changes throughout the story.
What makes a character FLAT?
The reader does not know that much about the character
What makes a character STATIC?
The character does not change throughout the story.
Setting refers to the ____ and ____ of the story.
Setting refers to the TIME and
PLACE of the story.
What is historical context?
What was happening in history during the time period of the story.
What is a Man versus Man conflict? Give an example.
A conflict between two characters.
What is a Man versus Nature conflict?
Give an example.
A character's struggle for survival against natural forces (weather, animals, etc).
What is a Man versus Self conflict? Give an example.
A character's internal struggle. Examples can include mental illness, depression, jealousy etc.
What is a Man vs. Society conflict? Give an example.
A character's struggle against how people in their town, city, or country view things.
What is the definition of the PLOT of a story?
The events or actions in a fictional story.
What is the reader introduced to in the EXPOSITION?
The characters and the setting.
What is the RISING ACTION of a story?
The several events that lead to the climax of the story.
What is the definition of the CLIMAX of the story?
The turning point or most exciting part of a story.
What happens after the climax?
The falling action!
What is the RESOLUTION of a story?
It is the end of the story and resolves the major conflict.
What is the definition of THEME?
The moral or message of the story.
What is the theme of "Beauty and the Beast"?
"Beauty is only skin deep."
Draw the plot diagram and label each piece correctly.

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