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iRobot 510 PackBot

No description

Mason Haines

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of iRobot 510 PackBot

iRobot 510 PackBot
By: Mason Haines
The 510 PackBot is a radio controlled mobile robot that can perform multiple missions and keep warfighters out of harm’s way.
The PackBot is used in many places such as:
Enemy Territory,
Unknown Terrain,
and Places where danger is possible.

This robot is multi-functional.
The missions this robot can perform are:

Explosive ordnance disposal, Explosive detection,
HazMat detection,
Video surveillance,
Vehicle inspection,
and Emergency first responce.

The 510 PackBot is fully remote controlled.
control box
Playstation Controller
•Explosives Detection Kit
•LWIR Thermal Camera
•HazMat Detection Kit
This robot has three main sensors.
These sensors help tell whether or not it is safe to enter an area.
Some advantages of using this robot are:
•No warefighters can be harmed.
•It can make very precise moves.
Some disadvantages of using this robot are:
•It cost over $20,000 for just the robot base, no payloads.
•It has lots of blind spots and the picture quality is very weak.
The 510 PackBot has had a great impact on society.

iRobot has sold over 45,000 PackBots to military groups like EOD.
The PackBot is very simple to operate. This could create many jobs such as a robot operator.
Eventually the 510 PackBot will be used for more than just military use. I think it will be used in other careers such as firefighting.
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