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River Erosion

No description

Sarah Goosen

on 30 April 2015

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Transcript of River Erosion

What Is It
What Causes This Type Of Erosion
Type is River Erosion
Caused by river flowing downstream
Carries rocks, sand and pebbles downstream
A river deposits its sediment when the water current slows down or stops.
How Does It Work
The river's flow carries sediment downstream
Sediment travels with the current
When the current slows down, so the does the moving sediment
Sediment falls to the bottom of the river bank
The process repeats
Rivers can create landforms

River Erosion and Deposition by: Abraham Paley, Sarah Goosen, Iain Rucklidge and Sophia Yurchenko
A river is a large natural stream that contains water from springs, heavy rain or melted snow.
Rivers erode when...

they flow along soft sedimentary rocks and mechanically break rocks down by pushing other rocks against it with its current

when the water is mixed with carbon dioxide and chemically breaks down the rock
Landforms Created
How do rivers change the Earth's Surface?
Rivers change the Earth's surface by creating landforms and carrying sediment from one place to another.
Diagram of How Rivers Deposit
Diagram of How a River Erodes
Oxbow Lake
Alluvial Fan
V-Shaped valleys
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