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The Battle of the Coral Sea

No description

Hyunsil Choo

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of The Battle of the Coral Sea

Battle of Coral Sea:

Battle during WWII, May 04~08 1942
Coral Sea is between Australia, New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands

Operation Mo
( Port Moresby Operation )
May 3, 1942
Japanese entered Coral Sea
Provided defense of Japanese force during the battles with U.S and Australia
The Battle of the Coral Sea
: One of the Combined Fleet. Japanese plan to take over New Guinea under Isoroku Yamamoto, a Marshal Admiral and Commander- in- Chief (April 1942)

Invasion of Tulagi
Code Breaking
- U.S's Communication Security Section of the Office of Naval Communication was able to decipher 85% of Japanese Naval Code by end of April

- On April 5 U.S intercepted message that Japan will be shipping two fleet carriers to Moresby (Shokaku and Zuikaku)

- U.S decides to send fleet carriers,

May 7
- On May, 7th U.S had entered the Coral Sea
- U.S destroyed one of the Japanese fleet carriers

May 8 (Main Battle)
- U.S had lost
by 2 torpedoes and 7 bombs
- Because of damages that Japanese had day before they couldn't use there full power
- U.S defeated Japanese with a lot of damages.
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