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Ethnic Conflict in Quebec

No description

Hannah Thurlow

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Ethnic Conflict in Quebec

Ethnic Conflict in Quebec
What lies at the root?
French Canadians desired to be recognized as one of the founding nations of Canada. The English in Quebec held economic power and excluded the French. However, the French were still expected to know English.
What form does it take?
The intensity of ethnic conflict led to violent activities of the Front de Liberation du Quebec. Some people even demanded the separation of Quebec from Canada.
What is the spacial extent?
Quebec is located in the East part of Canada
How long has there been conflict?
Ethnic conflict in Quebec began in 1982 when Canada adopted a new constitution that Quebec refused to go along with.
How has it been manifested?
French Quebeckers felt alien, even in their own province. Some Quebec nationalists considered the situation intolerable and demanded separation from Quebec.
How many people have been affected? In what ways?
More than 82% of the population was affected from either the violent activities or wanting Quebec to be separate from Canada.
Hannah Thurlow & Hannah Snow
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