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c y

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Buffalo

Buffalo There were about 30,000,000 buffalo in the United States! After the pioneers came the buffalos' popular decreased immensely. The buffalo was essential for the Native American's survial because they were sacrificed
as the animal representation of the sun. They used buffalo for their houses, clothes, moccasins,
containers, and meat. The buffalo decline was because of the rail road being built, using them for their
essetials, disease, and people killing more than they need. Native American tribes that have been at war for as far as they can remember put aside their differences, why? Since the pioneers came to the west there hasn't been as much buffalo as before. Buffalos were very sacred to all Indian tribes. They came together to try an stop the pioneers from building the railroad, if the railroad was built there would be more pioneers and less buffalo. After the Indains had killed someone each tribe would leave a mark showing that they had done it. For example the Cheyennes would cut his or her arm in a certain way. Pioneers used buffalo for many things. They used buffalo hooves for glue, their fur and hide for clothes, and their bones for fertilizer. THE END By: Cassidy and Livi Work Cited:
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