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Ben Bates graduated from college and although he is satisfie

No description

Paulo Seabra

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Ben Bates graduated from college and although he is satisfie

Ben Bates MBA Decision
1. How does Ben's age affect his decision to get an MBA?
2. What other, perhaps nonquantifiable, factors affect Ben's decision to get an MBA?
3. Assuming all salaries are paid at the end of each year, what is the best option for Ben from a strictly financial standpoint?
4. Ben believes that the appropriate analysis is to calculate the future value of each option. How would you evaluate this statement?
5. What initial salary would Ben need to receive to make him indifferent between attending Wilton University and staying in his current position?
6. Suppose, instead of being able to pay cash for his MBA, Ben must borrow the money. The current borrowing rate is 5.4 percent. How would this affect his decision?
Ben Bates graduated from college and although he is satisfied with his current job, his goal is to become an investment banker. After examining schools, he has narrowed his choice to either Wilton University or Mount Perry College.
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