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New Technology V.S. Old Technology

No description

Wardah Sheikh

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of New Technology V.S. Old Technology

Comparing the Features between the old and the new. New Technology v.s. Old Technology Today, we have revolutionized our world with amazing technologies. We have reshaped the technology of the past's.Many features are performed at a touch of a button. Most people rely on these programs for daily use. Whether you be away or at home,office, or work, you can keep on track with communication. Navigation, internet access, shortcut commands, personal information, and the smaller easier designs of these devices are just some of the features new technology offers. The capability of today's technology has far outweighed yesterday's. Old Technology was a new change in revolution. It was the beginning of a new era. People were learning to adopt the features as a necessity. These features were far more simpler and limited than those of today's.During that time technology was presented. Such small things were greatly emphasized until over time technology began to reshape, size, and polish itself over the following years.
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