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Latin Vobabulary

No description

Kaeli Meader

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Latin Vobabulary

LATIN WORDS BY, KAELI MEADER CENTUM CIRCUM (+ACC) CLAM CLAUDICO, CLAUDICARE, CLAUDICAVI Salve CLAMO, CLAMARE,CLAMAVI Nihil A HUNDRED AROUND SECRETLY, IN PRIVATE SHOUT BE LAME Hello nothing Interjection adjective Invito invitation noun Narro narrative adjective Favet favors verb Porto portable adjective Liber book noun Cur? why? Via street noun Frater brother noun Euge great adverb circumference verb clamor invite, invitation narrator, narrative favor, favorite portable, portal library, librarian adverb adjective Postridie on the next day verb postpone Punio, Punire, Punivi punish verb punish, punishment Simulac, Simulatque as soon as adverb simulate, simulacrum, simulacra, simulacral Summus, Summa, Summum highest, greatest, top adjective summit Supersum, Superesse, Superfui survive verb Paratus, Parata, Paratum ready, prepared verb parataxis, paratactic,
parataxic Nonne? surely adverb Melior, Melius better adjective melliorism, melliora, melliorate, mellioration Ita in this way Inter (+ACC) among adjective interconnect, interfere, interfere, interrupt, internal, interest Imperator, Imperatorem emperor noun imperior Navigo,Navigare, Navigavi sail noun navigate, navigation, navigator Pono, Ponere, Posui place, put verb Pereo, Perire, Perii die, perish verb perirectal Sustuli raise, lift up verb Auxilium help verb Consilium plan, idea verb counsil Deinde then adjective Vir man noun Leo lion noun Liberalis generous adjective Minime! no! adverb Noster our adjective Vale! good-bye! interjection Vituperat finds fault with, tells off, curses verb vituperate Pecunia money noun Abest is out, is absent verb absent Inquit says verb Ferociter fiercely adverb ferocious, fierce Quaerit searches for, looks for verb quest, question Tuus your, yours adjective Anicus friend noun Laudat praises verb Mercator merchant noun Imperium empire noun imperia, empire Iudex judge noun Tu you pronoun Hodie today adverb judgement Perterritus terrified terror, terrible adjective Ecce! see, look Signum sign, seal, signal noun signature Non not verb nonexistant Cibus food noun Nos we pronoun Quis? who? pronoun Aberal was out, was absent verb Pater father noun paternity, paternal Inimicus ememy noun inimical Audit hears, listens to verb aduio, audience Sollicitus worried, anxious adjective Superat overcomes, overpowers verb super,
insuperable In in, on preposition Anulus ring noun Tum then adverb Ad to verb Magnus big, large, great adjective Senator senator noun senator Intrat enters verb Dominus master noun dominante Cena dinner noun Gustat tastes verb Toga toga noun Mater mother noun maternity, maternal Triclinium dining room noun Coquit cooks verb Agit does verb agent, agenda Plaudit applauds, claps verb applaud Clamat shouts verb clamor Puella girl noun Res thing noun republic Portus harbor noun port Quam than, how adverb Iuvenis young man noun junevinile Meus my, mine adjective Murus wall noun Tablinum study verb table Sedet sits, is sitting verb sedentary, sedative, sedement, sedate Filius son noun Tunica tunic noun Dormit sleeps verb Cera wax, wax tablet noun Cubiculum bedroom noun Canis dog noun
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