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Next Generation Telephony

What is Asterisk? Can you use it for your business? What do you need to get started? In this presentation, we will discuss Asterisk and open source telephony, define some of the terminology and speak to specific business use of Asterisk by discussing a nu

Martin Glazer

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Next Generation Telephony

What is Qbx - genetically modified wild animal, namely boars Qbx is a next generation, hybrid telephone system designed for small business * config:about - Founder of eGuest
- PBX's and IT consulting
- 4+ years
- 25+ installations
- Consulting, installation + support
- Created QBX How can I help? Benefits $$$ Time Open Source Flexibility Business Needs Single contact number
Sound quality
How it Works Features Martin Glazer Case
Studies med access Future Voice recognition
Unified communication Are you feeling ill yet? mag1400 Thank you Unified Messaging
Voicemail to email
Fax to email
Regular analog lines
VoIP lines Web + Phone Interface
Remote locations
Computer integration
Ring Groups
Auto-attendant UNLIMITED Reliability Main Office
(Southland) Pacific Place Westbrook Crowfoot HOME Easy to use VoIP as Primary
Quick provisioning
$$$ Realtor line
Real Estate + Mortgage Tips
House Descriptions
Direct Contact
Tracking Multi-site Reporting VoIP Unified company
call centre
long distance savings
reporting 10 - 150 people moving expanding
multi-location no voicemail
no auto-attendant complaints
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