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JAPAN \(^U^)/

No description

Yoshika Amamori

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of JAPAN \(^U^)/

9 Regions population: 127,817,277 USA is 25 times bigger than Japan (not including Alaska & Hawaii) Only 30% of land is considered habitable land more than70% consists of forest & mountains!!! Including more than 200 volcanoes. Earthquake & Tsunami Around 1,500 Earthquakes every year Before After Figures illustrates earthquake more than magnitude 5.0 happened around japan between 2000-2009 Superstition Differences in School The #4&9 is considered inauspicious! #4 is pronounced “shi”, = “death”
#9 is pronounced “ku”, = “suffer” - That is why many hotels and hospital rooms skip these two numbers. E.x. room 2, 3, 5, and 6 Stick chopsticks into the rice!! only at funerals , chopsticks are stuck into the
rice which is put onto the alter. NO food at school. Lunch is more healthier and good Whistle in the night You will be a burglar victim Fidgeting You will become poor Dress Code - make up - curling hair - manicure - colorful headbands - Hair can't touch shoulder! Girls NO (many boys don't care much about their look!! Some goes to school with their heir like they just woke up!!!) - hair gel - long hair Socks & shoes must be white No Dying your hair. Boys NO - chewing gum is bad!! - It's all calculated and balanced! Students clean the school!!! -Even the restroom!!!! Students don't switch class,, teachers do. NO car or bus to school NO calculator in math Valentine's day U.S. Boy Girl Japan Boy Girl Many relationships begins by first the girl confessing her feeling to the guy White day The guy give white chocolate to respond to the girl as a meaning of "thank you." 非核三原則非核三原則 ..... ..... ..... = The guys in Japan are not gentleman. They won't open the door for a lady!!! 3/14 2/14 Bicycles mama chari 11 to 12 Hours JAPAN Kindergarten Getting Ready!! School Entrance & Graduation Ceremony Celebration on the growth of the child For Girls 5 years old 3 & 5 years old For Boys Cherry blossom represent a new start School ends in March & starts in April!! This is how a regular japanese school building looks like Elementary school Middle school Randoseru Elementary kids use this to carry textbooks for the whole 6 years. Uwabaki Students from elementary, they form a group within the area they live close by to walk together to school. Amamori House Old style New style more americanized!! Celebrating the next step
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