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Developer Productivity

No description

Alex Staveley

on 24 January 2016

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Transcript of Developer Productivity

Developer Productivity
Developer Productivity?
Difficult to objectivity, difficult to quantitify?
Lines of code, Hours worked?
Number of stories?
Framework proliferation - a false sense of progress.
Is a Lawyer's or Doctor's productivity and easier to measure?
Architectural Thoughts
Non functional requirements
Abstractions at correct level
Choices with trade offs
Important contracts well defined
Right level of decoupling
Tech stack fit for purpose
Code Reviews in the 21st Century
Productivity is the path to Greatness
Agree a style guide
Code is tested (code coverage)
Automate (Sonar, codenarc, gmetrics)
Respect Design
Avoid big bang reviews
Every project is different
Every Project is different
Rapid prototype, incubation, SLA
Number of developers
Developer back ground
Golden Hammer
A quantitive problem but not an existential one
Meet requirements in reasonable time frames?
Can you scale a team?
Could a competitor beat you?
Technology choices:
Scala V Ruby
Java V Scala
Modular design
Separate developers
Concepts (bounded context)
Explain yourself - Project dictionary, patterns
Make it harder for people to make mistakes
Dependency control
Process (CI, code review)
Fail fast (Config errors, Defensive code at key points but don't forget the trade off)
Architecture - Developer Productivity
Alex Staveley
September 2015
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