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My Book Report on The Girl Who Was Supposed To Die

No description

Krysten Sidel-Thompson

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of My Book Report on The Girl Who Was Supposed To Die

My Book Report
Genre and Possible Theme
The genre of my book is a Teen Thriller (Fiction)
A possible theme from this book could be that "The Truth Isn't the Same for Everyone."
Main Characters
Cadence (Cady)- The girl who doesn't remember
Ty- Helps Cady throughout the whole story
James- Ty's roommate
Elizabeth Tanzir- Threatens to kill Cady if she doesn't find the formula for the antivirus
Michael Brenner- The one Cady thinks she killed in the woods
The Way out
The Girl Who Was Supposed To Die by April Henry
By: Krysten Sidel-Thompson
A girl named Katie wakes up in a cabin that she doesn't recognize and realizes that she doesn't know anything about herself or her life. She tries to run and has to kill a man named Michael Brenner to do so. She steals his car and drives to the police station and tells a cop named Officer Dillow, her story that two men are trying to kill her. This leads Officer Dillow to believe she is a mental patient and decides to keep her locked in his car until someone from the mental hospital can come and get her. Katie decides that she must escape and she locks him in the car instead. She then meets Ty and James and they both help her. Ty helps Katie figure out that her name is actually Cadence. She then gets a word from her aunt telling her to come to her house. She follows through and her aunt takes her to Cadence's parents house where Cady Realizes that the lady she came with is not her aunt
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