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Research Proposal Template: Title

No description

Katherine Sultuska

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Research Proposal Template: Title


Stereotypical representations perpetuated in film, fashion, etc.
Violence against Native women
Investigating Perceptions and Stereotypes about Native American Women at the University of Oklahoma
Research Proposal
"What perceptions about Native American women and their roles are held by college age, non-Native men at the University of Oklahoma?"
Oklahoma sex crime demographics
OU ranks in the Top 5 for Native American graduates
Problem and Significance

The purpose of this research is to identify the expected gender specific roles for Native women that are utilized by these individuals as a means of defining Indian women, as well as the origin of these expected roles.
Literature Review
Native women excluded from history education
Princess/Squaw Dichotomy
Civilized, but never above male heros
Hyper-sexualized and objectified
Obstacles in Obtaining Power
Traits and valued characteristics play significant role in obtaining power

Gaps in literature:
Implementable solutions to these problems
Studies representing responses from individuals in the college age range
What perceptions about Native American women and their roles are held by college age, non-Native men at the University of Oklahoma?

Qualitative (focus groups, follow up interview)

Descriptive, responses based on individual perspectives
Sample will be selected from introductory tribal language courses at OU.

Participants must be:
Male, 18 to 24, non-Native
Students that self-identify as Native American, or are enrolled tribal members, will not be allowed to participate in the study.
Data Collection
Focus groups
Selective follow up interviews
by KT Sultuska
Find themes in responses
Understand origins of these responses
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