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Imani Goshay

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Disclaimer

The views, opinions, and information presented are not directly representative of the organization or speak on their behalf, but are rather a part of a class project. I do not own the video that is in this presentation, nor am I getting paid for the use of this video.
Question and Answer
With Imani Goshay
What you always wanted to know about Exotic Dancers.... According to ME.
Why would someone want to become an exotic dancer?
Well there's a high probability that people enjoy dancing exotically for a crowd of people. There's nothing wrong with that.... To each their own.
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
In all actuality
There are multiple reasons as to why someone becomes an exotic dancer that vary for each person. Some reasons I have come across is to pay for college and to make ends meet.
What do the dancers do in their free time?
Since exotic dancers are no different that every other person in the world, except for the whole career choice thing, I would have to take an educated guess and say that they do everyday things. Like cook dinner, go to school, sleep, read a book, other everyday things there is to do.
What I Learned
A lady I interviewed said she goes to school at BCTC and she has a second job that is not within the exotic dancer field.
Do they have to get tested for STDs?
What size bra do the dancers wear?
My take on it
I don't personally go around asking for the bra size of people, so this isn't a question that I am fully aware of the question but I'm going to guess that there is not a specific bra size required to be an exotic dancer. If you want to know the answer to this question, I suggest you go and ask an exotic dancer yourself.
Why do you say 'Exotic Dancer' instead of 'Stripper'?
Why do people say Police or Cops instead of PoPo? Because it sounds better and is a more acceptable title. Same with the words stripper and exotic dancer. Also, not all exotic dancers strip, so it is not a proper term.
Do the dancers keep poles in their home for practice?
My take on it
I personally thought that they did to practice. I can't imagine that the dance steps would come naturally nor is the ability to dance on a pole. There has to be some sort of practice involved and the only thing that makes sense is for them to have a pole somewhere in their house.
What I Gathered
Typically, dancers do not keep poles in their house, they would go to the location that they work at and "practice" there. It just so happens that the dancer I interviewed takes Stripping for Fitness classes and has a pole in her room for that.
Do you have to get tested for an STD at a job you work at? No, then neither do exotic dancers. Maybe you're confused about the type of occupation exotic dancing is.
To clear things up, exotic dancing is not just about dancing on a pole naked like I originally believed, exotic dancing is a form of art within the dance category that just so happens to be exotic.
My Perception before becoming one with the community
My Opinion
My Take on Things
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