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God Save the Queen

AP Euro presentation

Noreen Hasan

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of God Save the Queen

Demographics Economics Politics Let's Go to England! 1 British Pound Sterling= 1.51 US Dollars
Major Industries:
Agriculture and Fishing
Wheat, barley, oats, potatoes, sugar beets
One of world's leading fishing nations
City of London- England's major financial district and one of the world's leading financial centers.
London Stock Exchange, Leeds
Banking, insurance, business services.
Aerospace, defense, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.
Tourism POPULATION 53 Million ETHNICITIES Government type: Constitutional Monarchy
Political Regions:
Major Political Parties: 85.5% White (British, Irish, Other
7% Asian
3.5% Black
1% Other RELIGIONS 59.4% Christian
5% Muslim
1.5% Hindu
.8% Sikh
.5% Jewish
.4% Buddhist
24.4% No Religion LANGUAGES 95.6% English
4.4% Other (Punjabi, Hindu, etc. CONSERVATIVE PARTY For traditional British values and institutions
Supports military spending
Dominant political party LABOUR PARTY Socialism
Promotes extensive social services
Promotes heavy governmental role in society
Has traditional ties with trade unions and other representatives of working class LIBERAL DEMOCRATS Promotes political and social liberalism
Opposed to military intervention in foreign affairs
Opposed to the cutting of social services
Opposed to heavy state involvement in personal affairs
Has aggressive environmental policies European Union:
England is part of the UK which is part of the EU
Has influence through the Council of Ministers, The European Commission, and the European Parliament. Geography Major Landforms: england. PENNINES Major mountain range
Extending for nearly 250 miles
Reach 2,000 to 3,000 feet CUMBRIAN MOUNTAINS Contains scenic Lake District
Contains England's highest point: Scafell Pike (3,210 ft.) CHEVIOT HILLS Stretches for 30 miles along the English-Scottish border
Elevations reach 2,600 feet SALISBURY PLAIN Home to Stonehenge stone circle
Covers about 300 square miles in south-central England Famous Landmarks: BIG BEN BRITISH MUSEUM BUCKINGHAM PALACE CANTERBURY CATHEDRAL Third largest clock tower in the world
Established in 1288 in Westminster
316 ft.
Diameter of four clock faces is 23 ft.
On the bottom of each clock: "Domine Salvam Fac Reginam Nostram Victoriam Primam" (Oh Lord, keep safe our Queen Victoria First)
Appeared in Doctor Who's episode: Aliens of London Home to the Rosetta Stone, Elgin Marbles, The Great Court, and The Magna Carta (Not part of the museum anymore)
Rosetta Stone: Over 2,200 years old, led to the hieroglyphics decoder
Elgin Marbles: Original Greek statues brought to England
The Great Court: Court of Queen Elizabeth II Westminster City, London
Summer Opening of the State Rooms: Display of jewels, gifts, photographs, and dresses received by Her Majesty.
Summer Opening of the State Rooms of the Palace: The Royal Collection is on display (Works of artists such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, Poussin, Claude, and many others)
Buckingham Palace Garden
The Palace also has Scotish, Welsh, Irish, Coldstream and Grenadier guards Located in Canterbury, Kent County
One of the most ancient structures in England
Official residence of the leader of the Church of England (Archbishop of Canterbury)
Gothic inspired architectural structure
Trinity Chapel Time zone: BST- British Summer Time
PST + 8 Hr. CLIMATE AND TEMPERATURE Spring: Cool and Dry. Temp ranges from 0-10 degrees Celsius
Summer: Highest temperatures (also experiences some thunderstorms. Temp. ranges from 17-30 degrees Celsius
Autumn: Unstable weather conditions. Temp ranges from 1-13 degrees Celsius
Winter: Wet and windy with snow. Temp. ranges from 0-10 degrees Celsius. Lilliana Arellano
Noreen Hasan SOCIAl AND INTELLECTUAL Famous People Holidays and Music Day 1: London, Sunday 12/15
-10:00-12:00 Regents Park (Free)
-1:00-5:00 Royal boat cruise down to Kew Garden (Boat tickets £8 Kew tickets £16)
Day 2: London, Monday 12/16
-9:00-11:00 Open Market at Covent Garden
-12:00-3:30 British Museum (Free)
-AFTERNOON TEA @ Danubius Hotel (£20 per person)
-6:30-10:00 West End production of The Phantom of the Opera @ Her Majesty's Theatre (£95 premium seats/tickets per person)
Day 3: London, Tuesday 12/17
-10:00-6:00 Hampton Court Palace (£17.60 per person)
Tour Maze, Palace, Garden, Living Tudor World
- Henry VIII's great Hall, Royal Chapel, Tudor Kitchens, over 60 From SFO to Heathrow: American Airlines First Class $7360 per person Arrival time: 11:00 12/14
Check into Danubius Hotel, London (£195 a night) acres of gardens Lets go to England! Day 4: London, Wednesday 12/18
-9:00-12:00 Shakespeare's Globe Theater (£13.50 tickets)
-2:00-4:00 Charles Dickens Museum ( £8 tickets)
-5:00-7:00 London Dungeon (£20 tickets)
Day 5: London, Thursday 12/19
-10:00-5:00 Imperial War Museum (£17 tickets)
Includes Churchill War Rooms
Day 6: Liverpool, Thursday 12/19 (Early morning Business class British Airlines £260)
-6:00 Arrive/ check in to Premier Inn Liverpool Albert Dock(£120 per night)
-7:00 Albert Dock
Day 7: Liverpool, Friday 12/20
-10:00-5:00 Knowsley Safari Park (£16 per person)
Day 8: Liverpool, Saturday 12/ 21
-10:00-12:00 Beatles Museum (£16 per person)
-1:00-3:00 Tate Gallery (Free)
-3:30-5:30 World Museum (Free)
Day 9: Manchester, Saturday 12/21
-9:00 Arrive/ check in to Didsbury House Hotel (£105 per night
-10:00-1:00 Imperial War Museum North (Free)
-2:00-6:00 The Comedy Store

Dame Julie Andrews
Orlando Bloom
Helena Bonham Carter
Benedict Cumberbatch
Tom Felton
Hugh Grant
Audrey Hepburn Thomas Malthus
John Maynard Keynes
John Stuart Mill
Arthur Cecil Pigou
Arthur Lewis Actors Economists Engineers Benjamin Baker
Henry Bessemer
John Ambrose Fleming
Henry Royce Explorers Francis Drake
Freya Stark
Walter Raleigh
Cpt. James Cook Novelists Edwin Abbott
Douglas Adams
John Adams
Arthur C Clarke Political Winston Churchill
King Henry VIII
Richard the Lionheart
Sir Henry Campbell
Holidays Music 5 March – St Piran’s Day Cornwall8 March - The Great Spitalfields Pancake Race14 March - Commonwealth Day5 November - Guy Fawkes11 November – Armistice Day13 November - Remembrance Sunday26 December - Boxing Day Specific songs:
Jerusalem by WIlliam Blake
Rule Britannia
Land Hope and Glory
There'll Always be an England Popular music in England today One Direction
Olly Murs
The Wanted
Wretch 32
Disclosure Gabrielle Aplin
Jessie J
Of Monsters and Men Lets go to England! Day 10: Manchester, Sunday 12/ 22
-10:00-1:00 Manchester Museum
2:00-5:00 Castle Urban Heritage park
Total spent: £9140 per person = $1475.60

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