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Smart Home Technology

No description

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology

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What is Smart Home?

The benefits of Smart Home

How does Smart Home work?

Challenges of Smart Home technologies

Programming a smart Home

The most famous smart home - Bill Gates' home!

What is Smart Home?
The benefits of Smart Home:
Few of the features include but limited to:

Home Security System
Controlled Exterior & Interior Lighting
Home Energy management systems
Automatic Garage Door
Automatic Window and Curtain

Distributed Entertainment Systems
Intercom/Telephony Systems
Automated alarm systems directly connected to hospitals in cases of incidents like a fall or collapse
Challenges of Smart home technologies
Ethical questions about privacy and data protection on the Smart Home devices
Cost of implementation
Complexities in the multiple functionality of the technology

How Does The Smart Home Know What to Do?
The smart home works by the means of sensors that sense light, heat, motion, doors, rain and many other factors. 
This combined data is used to make decisions about how to manage security, lighting, climate control and many other daily routines.

Bill Gates' home
Thank you for attention!!!!!

Kobzar Anna
Goroshko Natasha

    .Then(Entrance.HallBeam, 30)
    .PulseStretch(10 * 60)     


don't announce it too often - every 10 minutes
"Garage doors warning"
, () =>
    if (Garage.GarageDoors.AreAnyOpen)
"Excuse me, I think you may want to close the garage doors."

Programming a smart home

It is one of the applications of Smart technologies within your home, in creating
a comfortable home and an effective lifestyle

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates' home just outside of Seattle, might be the most famous smart home to date that costs $113 million.

The smart house has the control center!You can also manage the house with the help of a mobile phone or your laptop
There are only the best and the latest technologies in the smart house!
Everything is perfect for work and relaxation!
In the smart house you can not only live! It performs many types of work
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