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Types of Paintings

This prezi describes several types of paintings.

Esmeralda Aceituno

on 14 November 2015

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Transcript of Types of Paintings

Styles of Art Paintings
Abstract Art
This form of art intends to create something that is completely unidentifiable.
This style of art concentrates on the general tone and effect produced by a subject, without elaborations of details.
This art movement concentrates on expressing emotion.
A style of art in which a picture is constructed by dots of pure color that blend in a distance into recognizable shapes and various color tones.
An artistic style that emphasizes the representation of natural forms as geometrical shapes seen from several angles.
This type of art form is where feelings and emotions are depicted in a realistic form and may often be set against the backdrop of nature.
This artistic representation is a lifelike representation of people and the world, without any idealization.
This type of painting shows the subjects in a simple way, while using colors and patterns that were very bright and wild.
This type of art represents the subject in symbolic form using the symbolic meaning of it.
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