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Earth's Role in Space

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on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Earth's Role in Space

How does Earth move through Space?
Rotation: turning, spinning on axis (tilted 23.5 degrees)
about 24hrs
Mean Solar Day vs. Sidereal Day

Revolution: motion along a path around some point in space
Earth revolves around Sun @ 107,000 km/hr
Earth ~ 150 million km from Sun in elliptical path
perihelion (closest to Sun)
aphelion (farthest from Sun)
Precession vs Nutation
Precession: a slow motion of the Earth's axis that traces out a cone over a period of 26,000 yrs

Nutation: a slight wobbling motion of the Earth's axis over 18.6 yrs
To Calculate the Barycenter of two objects:

r1=am2/(m1+m2)r1= center of larger mass to the Barycenter

m1= mass of larger body

m2= mass of smaller body

a= distance from center of one body to center of the other body

** if “r” is less than 1, the barycenter is located inside the more massive body**

Earth's Role in Space
Ex: Two spheres are 250 km apart. The larger sphere has a mass of 75 kg and the lesser sphere of 25 kg. Calculate the barycenter.
r1 = 250 x [ 25/ (75+25)] = 62.5 km
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