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University Auxiliary Services at Albany

Services Overview with Benchmarking

sharon webster

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of University Auxiliary Services at Albany

SUNYCard Agenda: Door Access Module Agenda- Financial Transactions Module Agenda- Services and Dashboard Module University at Albany University Auxiliary Services Service Overview
and NACCU Dashboard Access Reader Installations
Comparison to Sept 2010
Projected Installs
Current Snapshot

Access Reader Equipment
Supported vs. Not Supported
Equipment needed per location
programming needed per location

Access Reader Transaction Counts
Volume handled by the server Financial Transaction Counts
Volume handled by the server
Number of locations processing financial transactions

Total Transaction Count Summary SUNYCard Services Provided
Comparison to 5 NACCU Universities
Providing 16 of 27 NACCU defined services

NACCU Dashboard
Card Users
Card Office Staffing
Transaction Counts Access Module Readers Supporting Devices Unsupported Equipment 153 937 662 Equipment to Date 122 (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Totals 257 1548 (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Supported Equipment 49 8 (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr 57 (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Nearing End of Life
and counting... Total
1931 Maintainable pieces of Door Access Equipment 122 926 49 Access Points Total: 1108 Total: 823 Total: 1931 Residential Approved Academic Approved Academic Denied 488,477 Many 50,355 Residential Denied Access Transaction Counts Academic Residential Some Few 602,398 5,293,537 Total Access Transactions
Academic Year 2011-2012 Approx. 6,434,767 posted to CS Gold Financial Transactions Financial Transactions Hypercom- 578 Bookstore
Library Printing
Off-Campus Locations Valueport
Deposits- 73,615 JSA Online
Deposits- 11,538 Vending- 876,755 Copier- 15,169 Aero- 18,590 Micros POS- 2,833,561 XML
Interfaces- 335,332 Total 4,165,078 Academic Year 2011-2012 All Transactions Count Summary 21,534 4,165,078 6,434,767 10,621,379 Card Production Financial Door Access Transaction Counts
Academic year 2011-2012 Library Copiers
Library Printing
Library Book Permissions
Vending Machines
Rapid Copy
Performing Arts Center Box Office
Faculty Drop Box
Off-Podium Merchants
Academic Advisor Photo Book

Auxiliary Services

Student Affairs

Business Affairs/Auxiliary Services

Business Auxiliary Services

Technology Services NACCU Benchmarking Report defines 27 Services Provided by Card Offices
UAlbany currently provides 16
Multi-Server Management
Campus Dining & Concessions
University Bookstore
Tuition Meal Plan Billing
Tuition Podium Advance Billing
Door Access Reader Programming
Class & Event Door Scheduling
JSA Online Depositing
ValuePort Depositing
Convenience Card Purchasing Annual Campus Events
Summer Conferences
Campus Dining Parent’s Picnic
Campus Dining Block Party NACCU Comparison SUNYCard Services Provided NACCU Members for Comparison Georgia Institute of Technology University of Louisiana University of North Carolina University of Texas- Arlington Virginia Commonwealth University NACCU
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