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Title, Thesis, and Topic Sentences

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John Petrasek

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Title, Thesis, and Topic Sentences

Title, Thesis, and Topic Sentences Title Thesis Statement Topic Sentence Titles do several things
It gives context clues to the content
It can gain or lose the reader
Titles should be straight forward
Try to keep them short Some titles simply
announce the subject "Black men and public spaces"
"Why Colleges Shower Their Students with A's" Titles that provoke the
reader entice them to read on Titles with subtitles to
further explain the title Good Examples Bad Examples The Thesis Statement helps the reader understand the information. Topic Sentence states the subject and focus of the paragraph. Produced by
John Petrasek
Keilah Davis
Simon Crawford "Kill 'Em! Crush Eat 'Em Raw"
"Thank God for the Atom Bomb" "Health and Behavioral Consequences of Binge Drinking in College:
A National Survey of Students at 140 Campuses"
"From Realism to Virtual Reality:
Images of America's wars" "The Hills Have Eyes" – Wes Craven, 1977

"Snatch" – Guy Ritchie, 2000

"Dead Man Walking" – Tim Robbins, 1995 "Can Hieronymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness?"-Anthony Newley, 1969
"Excessive Force II: Force On Force" – Jonathan Winfrey, 1995
"They" – Robert Harmon, 2002 Activity Instructions
Get into groups and pick a topic. create your own title and intro. Present your ideas to the class. Actual Titles Step #1
State your topic as a Question Step #2
Turn your question into a position Step #3
Narrow your thesis The topic sentence usually,but not always begins the paragraph. Good paragraphs focus on a single point which is summarized by the topic sentence. Sometimes the topic sentence is at the end of the paragraph or the beginning of the preceding paragraph. Step #4
Qualify your thesis You may have an idea for gas prices and this is how you might start out.
What causes fluctuation in Gasoline prices? A thesis statement is an assertion so you need to take a stand or make a claim.
Gasoline prices fluctuate for many reasons. A good thesis is specific, guiding you as you write and showing your audience exactly what your essay is over
Gasoline Prices fluctuate because of production procedures, consumer demand, international politics, and oil companies' policies You want you paper to have a strong argument so don't sate your thesis bluntly. you need to acknowledge that what you say will be challenged so limit your scope by using words such as may, probably, apparently, etc.
Gasoline Prices very likely fluctuate because of production procedures, consumer demand, international politics, and oil companies' policies Thesis statements are typically positioned at or near the end of a text's introduction, to let the readers know what is being claimed and what the text will be aiming to prove. A thesis doesn't necessarily forecast your organization. Overview Topic sentences sometimes summarize or restate points in previous paragraphs, helping the reader understand what they just read. A good Topic Sentence is Concise and empathetic. It is no longer than the idea requires, and stresses the important word or phrase. Quiz (1) Titles only serve one purpose.
True False
(2) A good thesis _________________________
(3)The Topic sentence...
A. Always ends the paragraph.
B. Usually begins the paragraph.
C. Never is on topic.
D. Is a waste of time so don't do it.
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