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How to use a map and compass to navigate

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daniel svir

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of How to use a map and compass to navigate

Make sure that you are standing still to get your position right, repeat what you did in steps 1-2
One Last Bearing
repeat the previous step
but at an angle of 45° from
the other bearing.
Get Another Bearing
Get a Bearing
There is usually a Compass-like object at the top-left corner of the map. Align The North side of the needle with it. Then make the map face North
Align Your Map With Compass
North is where the red part of the needle is pointing. Sometimes there is a Big "N" on the needle which signifies North.
Find north
How to use a map and compass to navigate
Cross The Bearings
Finding the three locations
To pin point your location
with the three landmarks
What You'll Need:
Topographical Map
(preferably Mapping)
Stand still and look for one location that stands out.
It cannot move from place to place.


By: Daniel and
Christopher 8-3
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