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Thursday 10.22.15

No description

Amy Swanson

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of Thursday 10.22.15

Thursday 10.22.15
Do Now
Back to our Poe mystery!
Research Simulation
How did E.A. Poe die? Remember, your essay prompt asks you
to use evidence from the sources to prove why he most likely died
why one of the other explanations is most likely wrong.
Pages 54 and 16 in the packet.
Practice with Linking Verbs
A linking verb LINKS or connects the subject to more information about the subject.
Before we work on Linking Verbs, we are going to split the class in two to work in smaller groups.
Linking Verbs
Picture the two horseshoes each splitting down the middle. The people in the inner horseshoe will turn their desks to face the outer horseshoe, forming a sort of a "table" out of the desks where students face one another.

Let's try it out a couple of times.
Which root word from this week is represented by each of these images?
Linking Verbs Part 3:
As a reminder, please copy the quote completey and accurately, including the author's name. Then, respond in a way that engages with the specific language or meaning of the text.
"Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear."
Albert Camus

Pg. 54- part a: Underline the linking
verbs in each sentence.
part b: Fill in the sentences with linking
Pg 16, part 1: underline the form of the
to be in each sentence.
part 2: underline the linking verb.
Now, on the sentence strip provided to you, write TWO sentences that contain linking verbs. One should contain some form of the verb to be. The other should use a linking verb other than the verb "to be."

Then, we'll collect and have another person underline the linking verbs in the sentences you wrote.

Heads down. No peeking. Now, when we aks you, please put a thumbs up if you fully understand linking verbs, thumb to the side if you partially understand, and thumbs down if you are lost. No judgment. Just be honest.
Today, we'll continue to look through
the three source you may use for this
essay to make decisions about which
of the explanations we think is most
Disapproving donkeys disapprove!
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