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genderless children

No description

alyssa fardink

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of genderless children

Genderless children when parent's decide not to tell
anyone the gender of their child
until they are school aged. different expectation for
men and women? WOMEN ARE EXPECTED TO BE... men are expected to be... advertising had lead society to believe some stereo types. society treats men and women differently. SOCIETY SEES
SAY... PARENTS SAY... Is the child
effected? -The child will grow up confused and unable to fit in.
- parents are denying the child a way to position themselves in a world where you are either male or female. they are not being given the opportunity to find their true gender self. Instead the child is being forced to create another category.
-the child is not being shown the culture of the world.
-the child will rebel against the parents when they are older. -A Canadian couple who had raised they're child
genderless in the 90's say their child is not
showing any effect on the way they are now, or how they interact with others.
-prabhakar ragde said that the effect was felt by the parents not the child. Put a short term effect on the way they interacted with other adults. -its reductive to label people as male or
- it allows the child to become who they want to be not based on stereotypes society sees most
women as... -athletic
-leadership ability
-consistent pretty
cooperative carve out a reputation
do unsavory activities
be strong and tough
adrenaline pumping machines aggression, boldness, physical stength, and dominance (stereotypical male) beat out honesty, cautiousness and mediation (stereotypical female) SOME PEOPLE
BELIEVE... one psychologist says "if biology truly doesn't matter then one set of parents should allow their child to choose what species they want to be, not confining him to to be label "homo sapiens" he could be a dog, or a cat" HOW DOES SOCIETY
TREAT GENDERS? studies have shown... adults talk and play with girl babies
differently than they to boy babies. society has gender based toys children can not always express themselves because of gender stereotypes Expectation for infant behavior is based on the sex of the child rather than the behavior. SOCIETY HAS STERO
AND GIRLS. -warm
-weak http://psych.princeton.edu/psychology/research/prentice/pubs/Prentice%20Carranza.pdf women typically... are more concerned about the future
have broader interest
has higher literary capacity
are more honest,mature, openminded perfectionistic
they tend to be more anxious, choosy, complicated, materialistic, nosy, self-critical MALES TYPICALLY... are extroverted
satisfied with life
stingy http://people.mills.edu/spertus/Gender/pap/node7.html STUDIES DONE... 1968 and then replicated in 1983 college students were asked to rate identical articles according to specific criteria. authors of the articles were clearly labeled female or male but reversed for each group of raters (what one group thought had been written by a female the second group thought was written by a male) articles written by women were consistently ranked lower than when the same article were thought to have been written by a male. 1985, department chairs were asked to make hypothetical hiring decisions and to assign faculty rank on the basis of vita. for vitae with male names, charis recommended the rank of associates professor, while the the same vita with a female name got the rank of assistant professor women are not expected to speak their mind. “Nobody objects to a woman being a good writer or sculptor or geneticist if at the same time she manages to be a good wife, a good mother, good-looking, good-tempered, well-dressed, well-groomed, and unaggressive."
says marya mannes pressure it put on girls to fit into the barbie like mold, which can damage ones self esteem, a boy who would rather knit then play football doesn't get respect from his peers. society devaules good
characteristics common stereotypical
insults "your a wuss" "be a man" "boys don't cry" "you throw like a girl" biggest insult to a boy is to be called a girl. women own only 1% of the worlds assets, make up a majority of the worlds poor and are disproportionately victims of violence crime http://teenage-feminist.blogspot.com/2010/06/should-women-be-treated-differently.html -faculty members make eye contact with male students more often than with female students
-faculty members are more likely to know and use the names of their male students than of female students
-women are often asked fewer or easier questions than males
-women are interrupted more than men
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