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Toefl Speaking Question 1 Template

No description

Jenny Laskowski

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Toefl Speaking Question 1 Template

Toefl Speaking Question 1 Template
About Question 1
Person, object, place, or event that
familiar to

Personal experiences...so let OTHERS in!

"You just have to be there."

Main focus: how well you describe

Who is your best friend? Describe this person and say why he/she is your best friend.
You only have 10-15 second to brainstorm

Two important points:
descriptions and reasons

adj why

forgiving i'm not perfect
inspirational learn new ideas
Template to Help Your Flow
Templates are like machines you can insert ideas and get results!

Two-types of Templates:

Straight-up My Fav Best Man Speech

Who/what/which (5-10 s) Descriptions (15 s)
Descriptions (15 s) Who/what/which (5-10 s)
Reason (15-20 s) Reason (15-20 s)

More Reason (15 s, opt) More Reason (15 s, opt)

Wrap up (5 s) Wrap up (5 s)

Practice Makes Perfect
What is your most important possession? Describe it and say why it is so important.
Prepare Your Answers with Keywords
What is your favorite season of the year? Describe the season and explain why you like it so much.
Describe a person from your country’s history. Why do you think this person was important?
Where is your favorite place to study? Describe this place and say why it is a good place for you to study.
If the question asks about PEOPLE...
Note Structure

Quality 1

Quality 2
h.s. 10yrs

1st yr U.S.
taught Eng.

every conv.
new ideas
Detailed Template
Repeat the question

but insert answer+context

My best friend is
Charles, whom I met in a high school SAT class 10 years ago.

--Person-- is --Quality 1--. For example, -----.
e.g. Charles is a kind person. Despite it was my first year in the United States
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