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How to train Betta fish

No description

Maytar Nebel

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of How to train Betta fish

How To Train A Betta Fish
Meet Gus :)
Gender: Male

Colors: Blue and Purple

Step One: Set Up Tank
The first step in getting your Betta fish to cooperate is to set up a comfortable environment. When setting up a tank make sure to follow the instructions included with the tank.
Gus's Progress
This is the video of Gus
swimming up to the wand and
eating from it for the first time
Step Two: Get The Fish To Eat From The Wand
This step might take a few days
but be patient. The Betta fish
might not swim to the wand for
the first 2-3 days but eventually
the fish will get hungry enough
that it'll swim and eat from the
wand. When your fish finally
eats from the wand make sure
to continue feeding it only from
the wand
Gus's Progress
This video shows the day that Gus began following the wand around the tank
Step Three: Get The Fish To Follow The Wand Around The Tank
Your fish will become accustomed to swimming to the wand because it will learn that that is where it gets its food from so after 1-2 weeks of feeding your fish from the wand begin to move the wand around the tank to see if the fish will follow. Every time you are about to feed your fish make sure to make it swim across the tank before actually giving it a treat (its food)
By: Maytar Nebel
Step Four: Get The Fish To Follow The Wand Through The Hoop
After the fish becomes accustomed to following the wand, set up the hoop, this is explained in video below. Then try and lead the fish through the hoop, like so:
Gus's Progress
This video shows Gus swimming through the hoop
Step Five: Get The Fish To Swim Through The Tunnel
When your fish learns to swim through the hoop quickly, take the blue plastic sheet that comes with the R2 Fish School kit and roll it into a circle that fits into the hoop, watch the video below for clarification:
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Gus's Progress
This video shows Gus swimming through the tunnel
Information about Betta fish
-The Betta was first discovered in Southeast Asia
-The Betta got its name from an ancient clan of warriors, called the "Bettah
-Betta fish are carnivores
-Betta fish prefer slightly warmer water. Keeping a Betta fish in cold water can cause illness
Classical Conditioning VS Operant Conditioning
-Classical Conditioning: Discovered by Ivan Pavlov through his experiment on dogs. Pavlov conditioned the dogs to know that whenever they heard the bells ring they would be getting food. Eventually the dogs learned that food always came along with the bell and would salivate at the sound of the bell even if there was no food
-Operant Condtioning: Natural consequences are created during Operant conditioning. If an organism doesn't learn then it will always face a consequence.
-We will be using Classial Conditioning in this experiment
R2 Fish School Training- Helpful Links
- This link provides frequently asked questions and answers from the R2 Fish School Site: http://www.r2fishschool.com/page.html?id=2
-This link is provided by R2 Fish School as a discussion forum for students to ask further questions that the link above does not answer: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/fish-school-forum

Information about R2 Fish School
-Invented by Dean and Kyle Pomerleau in 2004
-Started when Kyle won two goldfish at a fair
-Kyle and his dad, Dean, decided to build equipment for their fish to do tricks
-They published the progress of their fish and instantly people contacted them asking for kits too, it soon became known as R2 Fish school and began being mass produced and sold all over the world
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