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No description

David A

on 26 January 2015

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A Proposal for

Departmental Store Management Information System

The system to be built will only be able to be run on Windows OS as this is most common, affordable and easily accessible environment for most people.

1 Eclipse / Java NetBeans IDE 8.0.2 - CASE Tool for development
2 JDK 7 - Development Kit
3 Java Programming Language
4 Microsoft Windows 8 OS - Development
5 MS Word/UMLet - Documentation/Design Diagrams
6 MySQL Database

Internal reporting in early businesses are made manually and only periodically, as a by-product of the accounting system and with some additional statistics, and it gives limited and delayed information on management performance. Previously, data had to be separated individually by the people according to the requirements and necessity of the organization. Later, data was distinguished from information, and so instead of the collection of mass of data, only useful data (i.e. information) will be stored in the organization's database.
DSMIS is a system designed for departmental stores comprises for maintaining and updating inventory records with the billing system feature which calculates and prints the invoice for customers at different Point of Sales (POS). The inventory is updated accordingly and the transactions are recorded in the database.
The purpose of this project wil be to develop

i. a Management Information System (MIS) to automate the management of a department store.
ii. a billing system for points of sales (POS) in the department store.
iii. an Inventory Management System so as to record and update stocks as well as transactions.
iv. executive and decision support systems (ESS and DSS) for the purpose of business analysis and reporting.

Description of the Proposed System (DSMIS)
The DSMIS is divided into following parts:

a. Database
b. Billing System
c. Transaction Processing System
d. Inventory Management System
e. Executive Support System
Assignment 3
Thank you!
Hardware Requirements
During testing, some hardware requirements
may or may not be required but some be required for operation after delivery and we do not intend to provide that as they are just off the shelf products that could easily be purchased and installed. They include:
i. Bar Code Scanner(s)
ii. Bar Code Printer(s)
iii. Receipt Printer
iv. Computer(s)
v. Cash Drawer(s)
vi. Credit card Reader(s)
vii. Programmable keyboard(s)
viii. Pole display(s)
ix. POS Monitor(s)

Prototype (Login Design)
Prototype (Billing System Design)
(Inventory Management Design)
Activities, Timeline and Budget
Activity 1: This involves all tasks from project initiation, project requirements elicitation, gathering to project planning phase. All documentation of the system including user manual for the system is also considered part of this activity. Duration: initial planning for 25days while revision is done throughout the 60days. Amount: RM1500(Fixed)

Activity 2: This involves designing the system i.e. the database design. Revision of design may be needed if any new requirement is added during development. Duration: 7days. Amount: RM1500(Fixed)

Activity 3: This involves the construction of each module in the system and the integration of all the modules to become a full system. Duration: 14days. Amount: M6000

Activity 4 This involves testing, corrections, on-site delivery and training of the staff on how to use the system Duration: 14days Amount: RM2000

The following will be delivered upon completion of the project

i. Fully working DSMIS version 1.0(not the source code),

ii. Well documented user guide on how to use the system

DSMIS Block Diagram
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