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Gay Marriage In The World

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Allison Frauenpreis

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Gay Marriage In The World

The Netherlands Iran The South (The U.S.) The Northeast (The U.S.) Beijing (China) Iran's stance on Gay Rights Recent Executions Gay Rights in the Northeast
Vermont (1999) - first state to enact civil unions
Massachusetts (2003) - first state to recognize same-sex marriage
Vermont (2009) - first state to enact gay marriage legislatively Gay Rights in The Netherlands
- Legalized on April 1st, 2001
- That year, 2,387 gay couples were married
- still defined in Article 28 of Dutch Constitution as being between a man and a woman, though law has changed
- had a "civil-union" set-up since about 1998
- also allowed for options like "registered partnership" and "cohabitation agreement" with different rules
- adoption rights and parental rights still not the same 2005: Two men were hanged
2006: Two youths were hanged
2007: A 21 year old man hanged for being accused of raping 3 boys when he was just 13 Between April 1 2001
& January 1 2011...

- 14,813 same-sex marriages
- 1,078 same-sex divorces
- 20% of homosexual couples married In the past, gay people were:

* considered to be mentally ill

* considered to be wrongdoers

* unable to make a living

* not accepted by the society

* considered being criminals
and were sentenced to years
of hard labor Statistics
A much greater percentage of homosexual Americans live in the Northeast than the South
What kind of country are we living in that some people must move hundreds of miles to claim those rights? Marriage Law in China:

“Only the marriage between a

man and a woman is approved

and protected by law.” Things got better in
the 1990s. * By 1997, a law was issued
to declare that sodomy
is not a crime any more * In 2001, homosexuality was
removed from the nation's
list of mental illness. * Starting from 2003 ,
sociologist Yinhe Li has
been making proposals
appealing for modification
of the marriage law to the
CPPCC annually. A lesbian couple pose for photos during a gay rights festival in Qianmen, Beijing. Courtesy of Beijing Tongyu Group
(China Daily 02-24-2010, page 7.) 2009: Anti -gay bill in Uganda called
that was looking to enact a death penalty for homosexuality was brought to the Parliament for discussion. KAMPALA
UGANDA "The right to marry even changed people who chose not to marry. Everyone I interviewed noted that they were glad the law had changed — they felt “invited to the party” in the words of one person — and they said that they felt more a part of society as a result... I believe that the sense of increased social inclusion that I saw in the Netherlands has the potential to profoundly change all lesbian, gay, and bisexual people in positive ways in the U.S., too."

- M.V. Lee Badgett, 11/9/2009, NYTimes
(Writer of “When Gay People Get Married: What Happens When Societies Legalize Same-Sex Marriage” ) 2010: 100 names of homosexuals leaked.
5 died, some took refuge in other countries while the were in hiding 2010-to date A lot of foreign
influence from USA,
Australia, UK and
other countries to
grant gay people their
rights or else they would
cut foreign aid to Uganda. photo Wikipedia photo Wikipedia "In Iran, we don't have homosexuals like in your country. We don't have that in our country. In Iran, we do not have this phenomenon. I don't know who's told you that we have it."
President Ahmadinejad Iran is opposed to gay rights because of Sharia Law.

Homosexual men's punishment is determined by the judge but most get the death penalty.

Homosexual women receive 50 lashes and by the fourth offense it is death. Dykes: I’m extremely upset that our state department is putting pressure on Uganda to recognize homosexual behavior. And I’m praying that Uganda will say, “We don’t want your money, America. It is blood money. It is sin money.” I hope that you will continue to stand strong on what the Bible defines as the definition of a real marriage.

-Burroway, Jim."American Pastor David Dykes Wants To Kill Gay Ugandans ."Box Turtle Bulletin,Dec 17 2012. The church of Uganda strongly opposes homosexuality with the help of an American Pastor. Gay Marriage banned on most Southern States Constitutions Religious Conflicts Typically conservative views
Hate groups - Some led to "protect" Christianity
Laws reflect their beliefs WE DO Campaign
Obama's response to Prop 8
Small pockets are improving
Gay couples living together increased according to the 2010 census There is hope..
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