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Iraq War

No description

Scott Smith

on 21 April 2011

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Transcript of Iraq War

The Iraq War History Religion Conflicts Islam


Christianity The first conflicts that involved westerners were the Crusades.

Then there was:
The 1967 and 1673 wars
Operation Desert Storm
Afghanistan and Iraq Why are we fighting the Iraq War? Terrorism Oil Stability Democracy A stable democracy in the region should bring all of the things that are in our interests. Troop Numbers in Iraq U.K.
7,200 South Korea
2,300 Australia
850 Romania Denmark El Salvador Georgia Azerbaijan Bulgaria Latvia Casualties WMDs The intelligence that said there were WMDs in Iraq proved wrong as none were found. Timeline of the
Iraq War March 20, 2003 U.S. forces invade Iraq. June 22, 2003 Saddam's two sons are killed. December 14, 2003 Saddam Hussein is captured. Total Coalition Forces 4,765 U.S. Forces ~4,447 U.K. Forces ~147 Other ~139 December 30, 2006 Saddam Hussein is hanged. Results Saddam Hussein
was executed. Iraqi forces have started
to take control of
certain cities. Iraq has held two
democratic elections. October 15, 2005 The first democratic elections are held in Iraq. Janurary 10, 2007 President Bush orders "The Surge" December 16, 2007 Iraqi forces take over security in Basra. September 1, 2008 U.S. forces hand over control of the Anbar Province to the Iraqis. February 1, 2009 Obama calls home all but
35,000-50,000 soldiers December 2009 First month with no U.S. deaths in Iraq. March 7, 2010 Parliamentary election held August 31, 2010 U.S. combat operations
officially end. Violence is still very widespread and common. U.S.
180,000 Leaders US George W. Bush Barack Obama
UK Tony Blair David Cameron Al Qaeda Osama Bin Laden Jalal Talabani Iraq Saddam Hussein
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