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The Book Of Scraps


Kush Dabral

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of The Book Of Scraps

-Do Homework
-Finish Project
-Play Xbox -Wake Up
-Eat Breakfast
-Don't miss the bus
-Make sure homework is there Reminders Planner At School The Book Of Scraps ME DAD MOM DADI
(Grandmother) DADU
(Grandfather) NANU
(Grandfather) NANI
(Grandmother) Masi
(Aunt) Bunty
(Aunt) Neelu
(Aunt) Ashu
(Uncle) Deep in the jungles of the Himalayan Mountains, there was a village. It was like any other village. Children were playing outside, adults watching over the children. Everyone was in a happy mood, even the people who were completing their last minute chores. People were having fun. It was the weekend after all.
My Grandfather and his friends were visiting relatives. They had also come here for another reason; the climbing. They were hanging out in their usual place, a rock cliff about 20 meters off the ground. It wasn’t a long jump, considering that there was a water hole below. The watering hole was a huge hole that filled with rain water. The village revamped it and it was now used as a swimming pool where everyone could swim. My Grandfather and his friends had found this spot up in the cliffs where you could jump from and land safely in the water. They were at that spot now; and they were about to jump.
They all jumped, one by one. The four of them went into the water. The kids looked up at my grandfather and were amazed. He was about 19 and he was adventurous. All the younger kids looked up to him as they knew he had a job in the city and he was successful. He was chatting with his friends as usual. They jumped off the cliff and flipped and twirled and everything you can imagine. They even showed the younger ones that it was easy; that they didn’t need to be scared. But soon, they would be scared; an alligator had just entered the water hole.
My Grandfathers friend was the first to spot it. He saw a rough thing floating on the surface. Then he saw the eyes. “ALLIGATOR!” He yelled. Everyone yelled and ran. My grandfather and his buddies ran towards the creature wielding sticks. They tried to beat it away. The alligator didn’t even flinch. It just stared at them with an evil look. Then it started the swim towards the shore. My Grandfather swam out of the way to avoid the oncoming gator. Then he had an idea. He just had to get to his jeep.
Swimming with all his might, my grandfather overtook the alligator and ran towards his jeep. He turned the key, sweat dripping from his face. Then he raced it towards the water hole. Once he got there, the alligator was already on shore. His friends had managed to keep it back by throwing rocks. My grandfather honked at the alligator. The alligator flinched. He kept honking and the alligator retreated slowly into the water. It didn’t like loud sounds! My grandfather kept honking, but soon the alligator started coming back. Why didn’t it go away?
Standing beside the rumbling jeep, my grandfather honked the horn over and over. It had no effect on the creature now. My grandfather soon realized that the creature was getting used to the sound and therefore it had no effect on him. Then he had another idea. The Radio. He turned up the music as loud as it would go. The alligator frightfully turned away. It knew that it would go deaf if it kept listening to the music. Everyone cheered. My grandfather had just saved the village from an annoying pest. One of my grandfather’s friends asked him, “Want to go for another jump?” My grandfather simply laughed and raced up the cliff wall. By:
Kush Dabral
Honors English 8
3rd Davis Siblings Yash Siblings; what are they? Are they just another person who is related to you, or are they something more? Why is it that you feel a different way towards them than other people? You have a feeling of deep hatred towards them, but still you want to protect them and be there for them. Then the hatred is back. What did they do? Do they take your money? Do they kill everyone you love? No, they stole your candy.
It was a “lovely” summer evening. There were streaks of orange along the skyline and the wind was gently flowing through the leaves of the trees. Then there was us.
“IT’S MINE!” My brother yelled at the top of his lungs.
“If it’s yours, then come over here and get it.” I said with a smirk on my face.
It was 2011 and my brother and I had just gotten a brand new electric scooter. As excited as we were, we still had time to argue over who was going to ride it first. My brother tried to push me off and I stood still. I wasn’t going to let him ride it. The only reason I wasn’t already riding it was because it still needed to charge. I was just sitting there waiting for it to charge even though the manual said it would take about 4 hours to charge. I didn’t care though, I was going to get the first ride; No matter what.
About 10 minutes later, I caved in. I was getting hungry and the garage was getting hot. I got up to go inside. Before I did that, I moved the electric scooter around to the front of my house so my brother wouldn’t find where it was. As I opened the back door to go back inside, my brother raced out trying to get at the scooter.
“Where is it?” He asked me.
“You don’t need to know.” I replied.
He simply walked away in search of the scooter. I went inside looking for something to eat when out of the corner of my eye, through the window; I saw a small figure walking towards the front of our house. I quickly abandoned my thought of food and ran towards the front door. I couldn’t let him get the scooter. I flung open the door and was pushed back inside. My brother had pushed me in attempt to get to the scooter. I looked at him just as he rode away. I had failed.
Pretty soon we got over this squabble. He had won fair and square. It didn’t matter anyways. We could share. My birthday was coming up soon and I was going to ask for something better. Then we would have a rematch. Family Tree Pets You’re home alone, it’s the middle of the night, and you hear a sound. Suddenly your dog comes crashing into your room. He barks twice, and then runs away. You get up from your bed and run after him. He goes to your back door and barks at it. You open the door and let him out. You can barely see your dog, but you can see a blur running around. A minute later, he comes back with a ball in his mouth. As the realization falls upon you, you sigh and throw the ball. 12:00 at night, and its playtime.
Having a pet is really fun. It’s like having another family member. Actually, it is having another family member. They sleep in your house, they eat in your house, they live in your house, what else? You give them a name too. My dog is named Rocky. Why Rocky? It’s because of his colors; black, brown, and white. Just like a rock. It’s ironic though, because he never seems to stay put. I guess that’s how beagles are.
All children at the age of 8 should have a pet. It teaches responsibility. You have to feed them, you have to take care of them, make sure they’re not hurt, etc. You get to take them on walks, you get to play around with them, and you get to have fun! When you go on vacation and take your pet, it’s even better. Have you ever been in a hotel room with a dog? It’s a different experience.
Having a pet is good for the family. You get to play around; laughs and smiles appear on the faces of children. People love pets. If you’re scared, it’s because you either have a bad experience, or have never been around pets. When you play with pets, you’re bound to have fun. Vacation and Travel Him Me Name: Kush Dabral
Date and City of Birth: March, 25, 1999 Indore, India
My favorite School Subject is: Science
My least favorite School Subject is: Math
My favorite color is: Gold
My favorite book is: Little Brother
The most important thing right now: Getting through school
Biggest worry: Death
Best day ever: March, 25, 1999
Pet peeves: Narcissists and Fighting
Favorite Music: House, Electro, EDM
Favorite Artist: Tristam
Favorite Song: Willy Wonka's House - Farleon
Hero: Ai WeiWei
Best advice ever received: By working faithfully eight hours a day you may eventually get to be boss and work twelve hours a day. -Robert Frost
Guests at fantasy dinner party: Tristam, Cryaotic, SkythekidRS, Seth McFarlane
If I could change one thing about myself: My eyesight
Two adjectives that describe me: Simple, Helpful
My friends like me because: I'm me!
Behind my back people say I'm: Quiet
If I've learned one thing in life, it's: Work ahead of time
I wish I knew how to: Do BMX tricks.
How would you like people to remember you: An all-round amazing person. Rocky Rocky (Again) Big Dog - Brownie
Little Ones - Choco and Sandy It was a Sunday, one of the worst days in the whole week, but I was still happy. How can this be? Well; it was the summer after all. There was no school, no homework, and overall, there were no worries. Added to the joy of summer, I was leaving on a cruise the next day. It was going to be amazing.
Another family was coming with us on this trip. It was my friend Rishabh. His family and mine were traveling in two cars towards the Galveston Bay Area. It was sunny outside and a nice wind was blowing. We were zooming down the highway towards our destination when the trees cleared and we saw the port. It was huge. There were ships all around and there were loads of metal crates being lifted to and fro by giant cranes. Then I saw them. Two 100,000 ton cruise ships docked in the bay. All around them were little white spots. They were the workers in pure white uniforms running around getting food and supplies on board before departure. As we pulled up to the cruise building, I jumped out of the SUV and gawked. It was time to get on board.
We went through security and passport check and finally got to onto the dock platforms. Everywhere there were people with cameras trying to get you to buy a picture from them. Once we had avoided all of them, we got to the stairs. It was a long climb up to the ship, but once we had gotten up, there was another check-in room. We put our bags through and got into the scanners. Only then we were allowed to walk into the floating city. The interior of the ship was like a ballroom; a massive 8 story ballroom. It was a cylinder shape and all around the circumference of the shape were levels of the ship. There was the ground floor, two levels of residence, two for food, two for entertainment, and the deck. I knew what I was going to do next; explore.
I went through the whole ship. It took me over two hours and we still hadn’t left port. Last minute preparations were being made. Once we left the dock, it was a nice ride all the way to Progresso, a city in Mexico. Then we went to Cozumel, another city in Mexico. In both those cities we went swimming and sightseeing. We saw things like the Mayan Pyramids and a 50 foot water trampoline! It was fun, and I wanted to do it again. The ship itself was amazing and we stayed on it for 3 out of the 5 days. On the other two days we went into the cities. Next time, I’ll make sure to try everything. Teachers, why do they exist? Are they here just to teach people like you and me? No, they are here to leave a mark on our lives, to inspire us, and to lead us on to a better life.
It was 2nd Grade, I was the new kid. Even though it was the beginning of the year, I still felt out of place. Everyone already knew each other. Tiny children were running around with their heads bobbing up and down. I had no idea what to do. Though I didn’t know it, the school had assigned me into the wrong class. The teacher there (I don’t recall her name) was nice to me and she showed me around the school. We played the name game on the first day. I learnt everyone’s names and something interesting about them. On the second day, I started to work with my classmates and see how much they knew. I instantly decided that the school year would be horrible for me. Out of everyone, I was the only one who knew how to multiply, divide, spell, and write. I was freaking out. Another day started. I was reluctant to go to school. My parents forced me to. That’s when I got the message.
“Has your Mother asked you about PACE?” The administrator asked. I had no idea what that was and why she was asking me about it. I thought it was a special needs class and I was scared.
“No, no she hasn’t.” I replied back. I was shaking at the thought of going into a special needs class. My parents had already taught me the basics up to 5th grade. I didn’t need an extra class.
“Well, you have to go to another class. We’re reassigning you to Mrs. Bishop’s class, she is the PACE teacher.” She explained to me. I knew Mrs. Bishop. She was the “mean” teacher across the hallway. None of the kids in my class liked her, including me.
“Ok.” I replied reluctantly. I knew I would have to go no matter what. I grabbed my stuff and went across the hallway where I was greeted by an old, friendly lady.
“Welcome to my class!” She said enthusiastically. I was surprised. This was Mrs. Bishop? She was a nice old lady! But I always saw her scowling in the hallway. What sorcery was this? I was not expecting this. I was assigned a seat next to a kid with a mischievous smile on his face. I had no idea what to do.
“Hey, I’m Mikey.” The kid told me with a smile. I told him my name and we talked for a while. Then Mrs. Bishop started to hand out the worksheets. When I saw them, they were full of multiplication problems! I finished them in 10 minutes and saw that most of my classmates were done as well, including Mikey.
“Wow!” I said, “You guys are way smarter than the other class!” Mikey responded with a nod.
“That’s what PACE is.” He explained, “It’s for advanced children.” I breathed a sigh of relief. I didn’t have to go to a special needs class after all! I already knew that this was going to be a fun school year.
Throughout the year, Mrs. Bishop and our class did many fun things. We went on many field trips such as an Aquarium, a Zoo, and a Museum. We also had an incubator in the class where we were watching baby chickens grow. When they hatched, we sat in a big circle and watched them as they ran around between us. We also had some class pets. We had some lizards and a big spider. Unfortunately, the spider had babies and all of the babies escaped. We found many of them when we opened lockers, and desks. Mrs. Bishop taught me to be confident. She was there at my piano recitals too! She was an amazing teacher and I hope I get to meet another teacher like her. Key:
Gold Highlight = Place I've been Friends What is a best friend? A best friend is someone who you can depend on, someone who can have your back when you are in trouble, but still make fun of you without really meaning it. That is a best friend. These friends should always be in people’s lives, because no matter what, they’re there for you.
Who is my best friend? I have many. The friends who talk to me the most, who I hang out with, and see the most. I can list off a few, but the friend who I’ve known the longest and I know the most about is my friend, Neel. He is younger than me, but I’ve known him since I was 6 years old, and when he was 4 years old. We always hang out with each other and play games together. He is always there when I need him, and I am always there for him.
I met Neel because of my dad. During the time, my father was working in Ericsson. There, he had many friends. One of his friends was Neel’s father. My dad invited Neel, his family, and some other families to our house for dinner. I met Neel and a lot of my other friends there. We had a blast, and because of that, all of us were invited to their house. We had fun there too and soon we started to meet each other often.
We still meet, and he always helps me when I need it. I help him as well. We play Xbox together and we play on the Computer too. We fight, but that’s just to prove a point. As long as we’re friends, we’ll hang out. Hobbies Most Treasured Possession Hobbies, everyone needs one. No matter what age you are, everyone needs something to occupy their time when they have nothing to do. When they are bored. My hobby deals with computers. I love computers. Motherboards, CPU's, RAM, you name it. Every aspect of a computer is a new thing. You can program it to do whatever you want. Computers are always upgradeable and as long as you take care of them, they'll help you in whatever way you need them to.
I had one old, old laptop that my father had given me. It was really slow so I just reinstalled everything that existed on it. I changed the operator from Windows Vista to Windows Vista Business. It ran much faster, but it kept crashing. I soon figured out that it was a cooling problem and that the default fans in the computer couldn't handle what I was running. Without even taking apart a screw, I fixed the computer! In my house, we have a family desktop that was running really slow. I did the same thing, reinstalling the bootware. It had a different problem though, It was still running slow. I had to take it apart and see what was wrong. There was only 216 mB of RAM installed! I bought new RAM and installed it into the empty RAM slot. It was fixed!
Everyone has a hobby, and though mine might be shared by many others, I still love it because it is fun and simple to do. My most treasured possession is my room. Why do I choose my room over all of my other valuable items? It is because my room is like my own personal home. I can customize it any way I like and I can do whatever I want to it.
I moved into my home when I was six years old. I was little at the time and it was very exciting for me to get my own room. My own personal adobe where I could hide and play. I didn't have a desk, TV, or even a bed at that time. I slept on a floor mattress because I was too stubborn to put a bed in my room. Ever since, I have fallen in love with my room. My own personal space. I would hate to lose it.
My room so far has green walls which were hand painted by my aunt, my father, and my mother. It took them a whole day to get all of the things out of my room and paint all the walls with green paint. Once it was done, I felt more attached to the room than ever before!
I hope to keep this room until the day I move out. It holds my childhood memories and I hope to never lose them. Thanks for taking the time to go through this!
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