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My bestest holiday

No description

thames thames

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of My bestest holiday

My bestest holiday
Ambika Singh
Visit to Vienna
My father had planned a trip for us to Vienna. So when my break began, we all started to do shopping and packing for this trip.

We already had our train tickets booked. I was really excited as it was my first train journey.

At the Vienna Zoo
On the next day, we visited
Vienna zoo
, it was an incredible trip and the weather was awesome as it was snowing throughtout the day.
An mysterious animal
We saw an amazing animal that was having hands like a pirate and it shook his hands with us.
It is called
Two-toed sloths
, who spend most of their lives hanging upside down from trees. They cannot walk, so they pull hand-over-hand to move around.
At the Vienna Zoo
We saw the Giant Panda which was just enjoying life by simply lying down on the floor.
At the Vienna Zoo
We saw other animals which were very unique and very beautiful.
Danube tower
We saw an amazing place called Danube Tower where we can reach the top of Observation from through a lift, from where we can see the whole of vienna.
It is
827 ft
We saw an amusement park called Prater Park where there some amazing slides and games. Me and my mom dad enjoyed like a small kid, and have loads and loads of good memories of the rides which we took.
It was my first spring break in Budapest. I was wondering how will it be, but to my surprise I have loads of wonderful memories of this break that I will cherish for whole of my life !!!



Day 1 in Vienna
Day 1:- Started with visit to Hofburg palace,
the place was so beautiful. It was having incredible carving on it.
We also saw Sisi museum, where we saw personal items that once belonged to Elisabeth.
So what are you all thinking...

I know what is in your mind :)

You all must be thinking that this is the best holiday which one can have.
FUN in Budapest
As you all agree that weather is really awesome now, no heavy jackets, no caps, just go out any time of day and have fun. This is what I did with my mom and dad.
Shopping, visit to park, visit to chain bridge, joy ride in ferry and the list is endless.
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