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Women in History!

No description

Charles Xavier

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Women in History!

In hist ry, w men were alm st always inferi r t
their male c unterparts.
Different areas f the
w rld, h wever, treated
w men differently Women in History! While more are speaking out against this, India is still the fourth most dangerous country to live in as a women, with atrocities such as rape and acid throwing occurring daily. The caste system has subjected
Women into forced inferiority for
centuries, with the Sati for instance,
and even outside of Hindu
areas, women are often treated unfairly. Women in India Women in China Women in china have been used as property for generations, with practices such as foot-binding leaving scars in a male-dominated society. Confucius famously said that
a good woman is an illiterate
one. He surely did not anticipate
fun consequences such as
"peeling the skin off the bones"
until death for disobedient women.
I wish I could say that time has
it better for chinese women. South American Women A largely patriarchal and
religious society has oppressed
uneducated Latin American women
for decades, and a lack of interaction
with the rest of the wold prevented
many women from becoming much
other that housewives. However, modern
latino women are
guaranteed equality
under many governments,
though abortions are still
at an all-time high. Yankee Doodle was a man
Who was weaker than a lassy.
But since he wasn't feminine
he at least could leave his shanty.

Women always had to shut up,
Sometimes be eye candy.
Men were much more powerful,
Their gender comes in handy.

Eventually women could leave their house
And work to get some money,
But pay was only a-third as good
And they didn't find it funny.

Women always had to shut up,
Sometimes be eye candy.
Men were much more powerful,
Their gender comes in handy.

And in India women had less rights
And it sucked if they lost their husband
For then they'll have to burn alive
To forever serve their lover-man.

Women always had to shut up,
Sometimes be eye candy.
Men were much more powerful,
Their gender comes in handy.

But women wanted identity
So men were not in favor.
But not all gained equality
Only those of white culture.

Women always had to shut up,
Sometimes be eye candy.
Men were much more powerful,
Their gender comes in handy. Taylor O'Brien
Drew Sisneroz
Weston Cramer Kevin Zeng "attempted" The Modern Woman The new-age push for equality has led to a downpour of new rights for Women all about the world, with more liberal area's such as Australia even having female leaders; a notion near-unthinkable one hundred years ago. American Women American women have come a long way, starting from British patriarchal qualities to a near-equal status to men. however, feminist movements continue to push America into a female oriented totalitarian fascist regime/brighter future for women African Women Africa has a history of
matriarchal society, but
modern Africa has the
woman as the housemaid,
with rape occuring daily,
even today. *door locks* fun facts about African matriarchy:
No matriarchal society ever created civilization.
No matriarchal society ever created a complex social structure.
No matriarchal society ever created a government or political system.
No matriarchal society ever created a religion or organized belief system.
No matriarchal society ever created a science or body of knowledge.
No matriarchal society ever created a complex economic system.
No matriarchal society ever created a complex art form.
No matriarchal society ever created a condition where things progress or improve.
No matriarchal society ever even built anything like large building or ship.

HAVE FUN WITH A FEMALE PRESIDENT, AMERICA -WARNING- This presentation contains humor created by Weston Cramer. "fun" side-stories will appear here, sometimes historical, usually sarcastic, and very funny to Weston/an open mind English Women Before the 1900's, women
might as well have been slaves.
But gradual reform has molded England into a place of equality. Kinda. SWAG Queen Elizabeth set the foundations of Imperial Britain, which makes her one of the most distinguished women ever. However, she was indirectly responsible for this... Who would do something like that? Japanese Woman Japan has always done its own thing, and this includes it's honor-based patriarchal society, similar to China. However, things are improving at a very slow rate (Women still get groped in the subways). This pretty much sums it up... Women trapped in France Women in France started
feminism during the French
Revolution, and has since spread
about the world, becoming a
beacon for woman across the globe. YES! LET US EAT CAKE! Women unable to
escape Canada Women lack as many rights as men in Canada, but any disputes have been very peaceful, and Women are always at least somewhat respected, especially if they say sorry before other Canadians can say it. Which is a very difficult challenge. In Canada, aboriginal women are still treated very poorly, yet in mainland Canada, women's rights rival even America, thanks to the royal family, seen in the inset. Women in the Middle East women in the middle east are beaten
down by patriarchal societies and
Islamic laws, which prohibit viewing
of females in public. Not a fun place
to visit as a woman. swag Oh Noe Due to technical difficulties, Prezi is incapable of letting us view the song we had wished to sing for you.
Oh Well. And, to quiet ideas of Weston possibly being sexist... Here are examples of Male Leadership The Truth Humans are incapable of fairness. throughout mankind,
men have lead the world, and have put women behind them unfairly. This is the way the world has worked for nearly all of mankind. However, Mankind was started by Women, and women have never ceased to be the hard-working backbone of humanity, and for that... ...you must be sent to the kitchen
be egotistical alpha-males.
I forgot about Russia Sorry about that, Russian Women. In Soviet Russia, Women Rule You! Just kidding, Women have nearly no rights whatsoever in Russia thanks for pretending to watch special shout-out to kevin who
was a constant "inspiration"
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