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Registered Nurse

No description

Rachel Weaver

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Registered Nurse

Registered Nurse
By Rachel Weaver

Registered Nurse
RN's provide and coordinate patient care
educate patients
provide advice
provide emotional support
Credits Required
Total credits required are 125-126 (120)
This can be done in a 6 semester year around sequence.
You must complete and submit the licesure with the appropriate fee
documents must be sent to the board of nursing
eligability to sit for the NCLEX-RN is determined by the Michigan board of nursing
after you have submitted your licensure application, supporting documents, and registered with the PPT the michigan board of nursing will make you eligable to take the examination.

Median annual wage is $64,640.
Lowest 10% of RN's earned $44,190.
Highest 10% earned $95,130.
working conditions
RN's may work in a hospital, physicians office, home health care, nursing care facilities, or schools
Education and training
Associates degree is required at an entry level position
There are three entry level options: 1. Bachlors degree in nursing (BSN) 2. Associates degree in nursing (ADN) 3. Or a diploma from approved nursing program
This can take at least 2 to 4 years
Cost of Education
The following prices are for Ferris State University:
Tuition costs is at least $10,466
Books can cost up to $886
Uniforms are not required
Room and board are $9,070
Commuting could be at least $850
Personal expenses could be $696
The total expences are $21,968
Career skills
A successful nurse has a compassionate personality
Has high attention to detail, and can adapt to stressful situations.
Has excellent communication skills and is flexible
Nurses should also be physically fit.
Should also be in good health.
Nurses should be able to stand for long periods of time.
Required Licensure
licensure requirements cont.
Pearson Professional Testing (PPT) will send you will send you an authorization test AAT.
You must take the examinations within 90 days of receiving the AAT
Criminal background checks are required in the state of Michigan
Licensure requirements cont.
Michigan nursing school students must request that their approved nursing school will submit directly to the Michigan board of nursing, a Michigan nursing school certification form
Renewing license
Several weeks before license expires, renewal notice will be mailed to your address
Renewal applications are taken online
You must use a credit card to pay for application
Job Outlook
RN employment is expected to grow 26% from 2010 to 2020.
This is faster than average for all occupations.
Why this career path is right for me!
The medical field will always be growing.
I want to help people and have a job where I interact with people.
I believe this job will have it benefits of helping people each day.
This is the right career path for me to take.
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