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Congressional Term Limits

No description

Savannah Cryer

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Congressional Term Limits

Congressional Term Limits
Why We Should Have Term Limits
Term limits should be in place so that new people can be a part of the United States Congress and so that people don't become incumbents and just stay in Congress. Term limits can help solve problems that incumbents can't because incumbents don't know what its like to work in a job that isn't in Congress anymore and incumbents don't know what the people want anymore because they only see what they want. Incumbents cause a lot of problems by spending other peoples money to do what they want and freshmen are less likely to do that because they know what its like to be in the place of the people.
Why We Shouldn't Have Term Limits
Term limits shouldn't exist because it is unconstitutional because the Constitution doesn't say that term limits are to be in place and because in the Constitution it already lists all the requirements for Congressmen. In all of the court cases like: U.S. Term Limits Inc., vs. Thornton, the Supreme Court has ruled that there shouldn't be term limits because it is unconstitutional and unfair.
I believe that term limits should be thing because how is it fair for the country that isn't doing so well to keep the people that are making it worse in office and in power to keep making it worse. I can see where they believe it is unconstitutional because it doesn't have it in the Constitution to have term limits, but they allowed the president to have a term limit and is that any different? Statistics are saying that more people are for term limits than against now by a very good margin and that the Congress approval rate is at an all time low. That shows how very likely it is for term limits to come into Congress.
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What's Behind Term Limits?
Term limits are how many times one can be elected. The 22nd amendment put a number of term limits for the president after FDR was elected for his fourth term. Congress doesn't have term limits. Many cases have come up for Congress to have term limits. In 2012 a bill formed by Senator Jim DeMint but failed to pass because the Senate voted 75-24 against the bill. The year before Senator David Visser created a similar bill. On the House of Representatives side, Matt Salmon came up with a bill that 5 others backed that would have made House of Representatives only have 3 terms and Senators only have 2 terms. Recently, Mick Mulvaney also had the idea of having term limits, but he made a compromise that would be a max of 12 years in each the Senate and House of Representative
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