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Japanese Method of Rice Cultivation

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Gautham Narayanan

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Japanese Method of Rice Cultivation

Why is it different?
Weeding is done manually in India, but in japan weed mats are used and it is removed mechanically or by goat grazing.

Use of paddy art in rice cultivation using tanbo art has lead to increased visitors and donators in Japan.

Interesting facts on rice
Rice is the most important crop grown for human consumption and almost 60% of the world’s best quality rice is grown in Japan. Rice has been feeding us for 5,000 years. The first known account was in China about 2,800 BC.

1. More than half the labour force in japan is involved in rice production.

2. In Japan the average person consumes about 500 pounds of rice a year.

Interesting facts on rice
Why is it different?
Japanese Rice cultivation is different because it involves :

•The use of HYV seeds:

The japanese have introduced ‘Japonica’ hybrids which increases output tremendously.
•Sowing of HYV seeds in raised nursery beds.
•Increased use of irrigation done regularly to meet the water needs of the rice plant.

Why is it different?
•Transplantation of seeds in equidistant rows which provides for fertilization and weeding at regular intervals.
•Heavy manuring is done in the nursery AND the field. Green manure is mixed with ammonium sulphate and chemical fertilizers, but this mixture is used around a month after transplantation.

Rice is one of the most important food crops that is Grown for Human consumption. It is in fact the most abundantly grown crop in whole of Asia. This particular crop is important as it is a source of immense energy for us, people. Japan is a major cultivator of rice and a major consumer of rice as well. Here are the other members of my group who will talk about how it is cultivated in Japan and provide you with some interesting facts on rice as well.
Japanese Method of Rice Cultivation
By Aagney, Abhishek, Pranav, Soham and Gautham

3. In 2008, a craze was started in Japan for rice-filled bags called ‘Dakigokochi’ for newborn babies. They were shaped like a bundled baby and printed with the newborn’s face and name.

4. There are more than 40,000 varieties of rice that grow across every continent except on Antarctica.

1.Harvesting is done by hand using a sickle and the cut crop is then allowed to dry in the field for 3 to

2. Threshing is done by bullocks to separate the grain from chaff.

3.Other methods of processing rice are:

• Hand pounding which preserves nutrients. It is done in a wooden mortar pounded by a long wooden pestle.

• Polishing of rice to make it more attractive and preserve it. It loses much of its nutritive value when polished.
Processing of rice
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