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Leanne Guzman 30 60 90 triangles

P5 Project

Leanne Guzman

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Leanne Guzman 30 60 90 triangles

Just in Time Leanne Guzman 30.60.90 HOW to TRIANGLES 30.60.90 Triangles THIS is a right triangle. The HYPOTENUSE is opposite to the right angle
The SHORT LEG is opposite the 30 degree angle
The LONG LEG is opposite the 60 degree angle SHORT LONG HYPOTENUSE ALWAYS use this ratio for 30.60.90. triangles: SL LL HYP 30 60 90
1 √3 2 Time to give it a try... 30 60 90 5in The 30degree angle corresponds with the 5inch side. Set up a ratio! 30 60 90
1 √3 2 5 x y (5*√3)/1=? 60 degree angle 90 degree angle (5*2)/1=? Long Leg= 5√3 inches Hypotenuse= 10 inches MORE PRACTICE... 1.
Señor Olay is on an escelator. The wall it goes up
is 24 ft tall. How long is does the stair length measure?

60 24ft ? 2.
Jean-Luc is flying a kite. The distance from Jean-Luc to the kite, going straight up, is 13 ft. Jean-Luc is 4ft tall. Find the length of the string, and the ground distance (horizontal) from the boy to the kite. DEFINITIONS! RIGHT triangle Any triangle whose largest interior
angle measures 90 degrees. SQUARE root a number that when multiplied
by itself equals a given number
"Special Right Triangles" right triangles with some regular feature that makes calculations on the triangle easier. EXAMPLE: 30.60.90

ITS an Angle Based Right Triangle...
(the pattern/formula is used to measure angles of the triangle) El FIN:]
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