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Essential American English


Elvin Santana

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of Essential American English

Richmond’s new five-level course: a new concept in adult course book publishing Essential American English Levels Levels 1-2 Beginner and Elementary. Levels 3-5 Pre-intermediate to Upper-intermediate. Essential English is flexible: ideal for short or foundation courses or it can be used as a longer course of up to 70 hours A New Concept... Essential English delivers: the essential language input and practice for every level (5 levels, A1 – B2). 1 Essential English is economical: everything in one book from a 500 word dictionary to the SB & AB material packed with CD-ROM 2 3 Great flexibility with timetable. Using the core material of the Student’s book section, Essential English delivers up to 30 hours. Using all the course resources available, the course can be extended to 70 hours A unique multimedia Digital Book component which can be used to teach, animate and extend the course. 4 5 Economical & manageable
Achievable, quick sense of progress
Easy to study at home Characteristics Entertaining
Real-life content & tasks
International Plus extra writing preparation activities
Plus extra listenings
Plus self-evaluation sections (1 per unit)
The student CD-ROM has AB SB listening material, course word banks with pronunciation models, interactive activities and games All your Essential English in one book!! The Student book section is divided into 4 units( 6 lessons in each unit)
Plus, 4 revision lessons
Plus, 4 writing lessons A fully illustrated dictionary, 13 word banks
A phrase book covering all essential phrases from the units
The activity book section provides consolidation and practise exercises of the SB lessons Learning Styles Learns through seeing
Thinks in pictures
Learns best through pictures, handouts, charts, overheads, videos, etc. Visual Learner They prefer to sit in the front in order to avoid visual obstructions
Take detailed notes
Have a photographic memory Learns through hearing and listening
May not even take notes
Learns best through verbal lectures, discussions, and talking things through
Understand things through tone of voice, pitch, etc.
Can read between the lines  
Auditory Learner: Learns through movement, touching, moving and doing
Like to experience things “hands on”
Learns best through active projects, seeing how things work and touching
Hard for them to sit still and may get distracted by their need to move Tactile/Kinesthetic Learner:
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