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Soda Can Design Project

No description


on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Soda Can Design Project

LIONADE INC. Lionade for the future LIONADE THE USE Design Pricing and Shipping We hope you buy! Why you should buy Here at Lionade we strive to better
equip athletes around the world with our
high performance drink. Lionade is our scientifically designed sports drink made of electrolyte compounds which enhances an athletes performance 10 times. Lionade is for athlete use only. It can
be consumed by the average user but
only with intent for physical
performance. Lionade is highly
purchased by professional sports
teams and is recommended by the
NCAA for all college athletes. We offer the classic white soda can design for our Lionade and for our Lionade^3 can we offer a unique cube design. For the original cylindrical design, it is 12 cm x 7 cm. For our special unique cube design, it is 8 cm
x 8 cm x 7.22 cm. If you are an athlete looking to enhance
your performance, then Lionade is the
perfect thing for you. It has been proven by multiple college and professional teams in different sports that this drink will give you that extra energy needed to perform above your talent level. We hope after reading this you are as
excited as we are about this new
product and help make it the #1 selling
drink on the market! GREAT! STRONG POWERFUL! SPEED AGILITY QUICKNESS Volume = 461.81cm^3
S.A. = 340.86 cm^2 Lionade is going to be
shipped in a 45 cm x 20 cm
x 15 cm box that will fit 8 cans.
They will be sold at a great
price of $10.00.
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