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Amazon SWOT analysis 2013 by Strategic Management Inisght

This is Amazon SWOT analysis, please refer to our website for more information on this analysis: http://www.strategicmanagementinsight.com/swot-analyses/amazon-swot-analysis.html

Ovidijus Jurevicius

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Amazon SWOT analysis 2013 by Strategic Management Inisght

SWOT analysis 2013
by Strategic
Insight Opportunities 1. Cost leadership strategy
2. Superior quality services and products
3. Strategic acquisitions
4. Efficient distribution chain and logistics
5. Economies of scope Strengths Weaknesses 1. Only online presence
2. Selling at zero margins
3. Negative publicity Threats 1. Online payment system
2. Release more its own brand products and services
3. Increase services and product portfolio through acquisitions
4. Open more online stores in other countries
5. Physical presence 1.Online security
2. Lawsuits
3. Strategic alliances
4. Legislation against tax avoidance
5. Regional low cost online retailers For more information on this Amazon SWOT analysis or to download this presentation, please visit our website: http://www.strategicmanagementinsight.com/swot-analyses/amazon-swot-analysis.html
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