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Czech Republic vs Liberia

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Brianna Bruggeman

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Czech Republic vs Liberia

Czech Republic vs Liberia
By: Ellie Ray and Brianna Bruggeman

The Czech Republic
The Czech Republic is located in central Europe, between Germany and Poland. It is a landlocked nation with a landscape of hills and mountains in deciduous forest.
Liberia is located next to Sierra Leone and Cote d'Ivoire along the west coast of Africa. Liberia is a part of the African Savanna biome, a large tropical grassland that covers many countries in Africa.
The Czech Republic used to be a successful kingdom called Bohemia, until it became part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This collapsed after World War 1, and the kingdom of Bohemia became "Czechoslovakia." Unfortunately, Hitler and the Nazis invaded, occupying the nation for six years. Eventually, after becoming part of the Soviet Union during the Cold War, the Czechs dissolved their union with Slovakia and simply became the Czech Republic.
Population Data
Population: 10,177,300
Total Fertility Rate: 1.27
Doubling Time: NA, population declining

73.4% of the population lives in urban areas, and this number barely changes from year to year. The death rate is greater than the birth rate, meaning that the Czech Republic is in the Post-Industrial phase.

The Net Migration rate is 0.97/1000
Liberia was founded by the American Colonization Society as a place for freed African American slaves. The descendants of the freed slaves are the ruling class, while the natives make up 95% of the population. After a civil war from 1989 to 1997, Charles Taylor won the presidential election, which left Liberia in poverty. Eventually the country rebelled and Taylor was exiled, but not before bankrupting the nation. The nation elected the first female African president in 2006
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
Works Cited
Population Data
Population: 3,887,886
Total Fertility Rate: 5.02 children/woman
Doubling Time: 38.2 years

48% of the total population lives in urban areas, and this number is still changing. The overall population is still increasing, and so Liberia is in the Transitional Stage.

The Net Migration rate is 0.

Czech Republic Agriculture:

Liberia Agriculture:

Liberia Future:

Czech Republic Future:

Liberia Urbanization Pattern:

Czech Republic Urbanization Pattern:
Urbanization Patterns

counter-urban migration
moves are less related to economic necessities and more to personal living environment preferences.
Urbanization Patterns
all settlements with 2000 or more population are defined as urban
Policymakers are using over concentration of resources on Monrovia, pulling the population to this area.
huge disparity between Monrovia's wealth and other parts of the contry
Agricultural patterns
Agricultural employed approximately 141 thousand people in 2004 and this number has been falling steadily
Agricultural entrepreneurs now farm 4264 thousand hectares of agricultural land, 54 % of the total area of the country.
Using new technology to farm with less people
Agricultural patterns
many years of civil war has damaged the physical infrastructure
Agriculture is biggest employer of the population, 80% of workforce
post-harvest losses are exceptionally high, reaching up to 45 percent
small farm dependent
The next 50 years
multinational firms may be over, there is plenty of opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses.
embassy emphasizes youth education programs that promote tolerance, peace and equal rights.
The next 50 years
aims to help vulnerable women and children escape poverty
government has committed to increasing its budget for agriculture
president wants to give every Liberian an opportunity for a quality education and a job
Forbes is organizing a mission to Liberia to look at ways to increase economy and development
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