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Richard Jackson

on 24 May 2010

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GRAFFITI IS ART, NOT A CRIME Everywhere you see painting on walls and
other types of designs. Some people believe
that graffiti is just a waste of time and affects
the people in the community. Graffiti is art
because artists express their viewpoint of the
world. Graffiti allows artists to have their opinions
about the world. In the movie "Wild Style",
Rose says, "I do graffiti to help my community
and liven up things around here." This quote
explains how artists can help in the community
by using graffiti in a positive way to show how
graffiti is a form of art. Another reason that graffiti is art is because
graffiti takes a lot of skill and interest in painting
and drawing. A lot of artists take the time to practice
their skills to make great art and never rush into the
piece or the art they make wouldn't be the great art that you made. Nicholas Ganz's book "Graffiti World" has a section on the artist Besok. Besok says, "I like to take time on my paintings, to work without pressure, although sometimes you can produce the best pictures under pressure" (143). The artists use famous artists as their influences
to try and create good graffiti. In the book, "The
Nasty/Terrible T-Kid 170", Henry Chalfant says,
"People were blown away by how avant-grade he
was in the graffiti scene. He is still a big influence
around the world." This quote shows us how we can
do most different things to keep us motivating ourselves
to have a better painting or drawing of graffiti. This whole
paragraph was about making your own style of graffiti and
never giving up on doing it because you have to motivate
yourself of getting better at graffiti. Some people believe that graffiti is a crime
to the people and the community. Some people
think that with graffiti in the world, things will
get out of hand such as gangs, violence and litter.
Those things can cause the whole world by looking
at the graffiti as a bad influence. In the artcle, "How
graffiti turns us into thieves and litterbugs", it says,
"A Candid Camera- style study shows that when we
are confronted with signs of behavior usually deemed
antisocial, such as graffiti or litter, we're more likely to
behave antisocially ourselves." This quote shows us how
people feel very strongly about graffiti and how it affects
people's actions and their lifestyle. They think it should
crime to all people who are doing these types of artworks. However, if everyone takes a good look at graffiti
as an art form, then maybe the people won't break
the law. And graffiti is not vandalism; graffiti is the
sight of the world and the people around us. This
passage shows how to take our opinions about art and
use it in a good way to support other artists. Graffiti is art because it gives other people the artists'
opinions about the world around them. Graffiti takes
a lot of pratice and interest in painting and drawing
and other art forms, and there are no rules for graffiti.
This topic matters because it gives the people of what
they think about graffiti and other art forms in the world.
The people should care about this topic because it gives
the people the understanding to realize of what the world
can be and what God sees in world inside of you. And to
also help the people to realize about the world and the
violence that's happening in this world.
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