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My Dream Trip!


Meg Wilkinson

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of My Dream Trip!

My Dream Trip! Italy/Italia Why do I want to visit this place? How am I getting there? Milan/Milano -Continental Airlines
-Boarding in Wayne, Detroit
-$957 for round trip Where will I be staying? -Family, Site Seeing, Shopping, Food, Art Currency? $1.00=0.75 EUR June 30 - July 7 six Nights Places to Eat?! -Il Sambuco -Giannini -Boeucc -Sadler http://www.youtube.ca/watch?v=OI__zYqKK0Q&feature=related YouTube: Milan, Italy Climate? M
o I T A L Y 4 Star Hotel Hotel Florence $49 per night On My To Do List :) Day One: Settle In hotel, get familiar with town. Day Two: Shopping! Day Three: site seeing Day Four: Visit Family Day Five: Shopping Again! Day Six: -Departure: 8:05am -Arrival: 5:40pm Visit parks, museums, important building, then eat at a awesome Italian restaurant! Day Seven: Last minute shopping, souvenirs for the family! Go home :( Departure for home: 6:25pm Arrival for home: 3:05am *Take tons
of pictures!!!* Why is it safe? There are no safety concerns, plus I have family there if I need a place to stay! Thankyou! :D In Milan the tempuratures can get as hot as 29 degrees celcius. In the winter it gets as cold as about 0 degrees celcius. It rains alot in the spring and at the top of the mountains it is always snowy and cold. yummy Italian restaurants!
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